Graduate Placements

PhD graduates since 2000

Name Degree Awarded Field of Study Employment
Emily Burton PhD 2016 Canadian Oral Historian, Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21
Roger Marsters PhD 2013 Canadian Curator of Marine History, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
Oluwatoyin Oduntan PhD 2010 African Assistant Professor, Towson University
Jeffers Lennox PhD 2010 Canadian

Assistant Professor, Wesleyan University 

Moses Chikowero PhD 2008 African Associate Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara
David Eaton PhD 2008 African Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State University
Keith Mercer PhD 2008 Canadian Cultural Resource Manager, Mainland Nova Scotia, Parks Canada
Steven Fabian

PhD 2007


Assistant Professor, State University of New York, Fredonia

Brian Shipley PhD 2007 Canadian
Foreign Service Officer, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
Joseph Bangura PhD 2006 African Assistant Professor, Kalamazoo College
R. Blake Brown PhD 2006 Canadian Associate Professor, St. Mary's University
Amani Whitfield PhD 2003 Canadian Assistant Professor, University of Vermont
Raphael Njoku PhD 2003 African Assistant Professor, University of Louisville
Bonny Ibhawoh PhD 2003 African Assistant Professor, McMaster University
Renee Lafferty PhD 2003 Canadian Assistant Professor, Brock University
Sara Butler PhD 2001 English Assistant Professor, Loyola University,
New Orleans
Hendrina Kachapila PhD 2001 African Lecturer, University of Malawi