This Week

  • Stokes Seminar: Cuba, Africa, and Apartheid’s End: Africa's Children Return!

    This Week: Dr. Isaac Saney (Dalhousie University) presents "Cuba, Africa, and Apartheid’s End: Africa's Children Return!"

    The seminar is held regularly on Friday afternoons, between 3:30 and 5:00 p.m. Drafts of articles and book chapters are pre-circulated by email and in hard copy among the seminar attendees. Presenters provide a 10-15 minute prologue to the research, and a lively discussion/Q&A session ensues for the remainder of the period. Presenters and attendees alike cherish the opportunity to hash out and debate key issues and debates in a number of historical narratives and historiographies.

    Winter 2023 Stokes Seminars will be held in person in the Marian McCain building and streamed online via Teams. To join the seminar digitally, a Teams meeting link is available by emailing