Current Students Listing

Current graduate students, thriving at Dalhousie

Each year, the Department of English admits approximately 10 to 15 new MA students and 2 to 4 new PhD students. With continuing students in both degrees, there are at least 20 students active in the program in any given year. Students come from across Canada and around the world to work with our faculty and to enjoy the academic and social benefits of a small but rigorous and dynamic graduate program. We welcome you to join them.

Current MA Students

  • Carroll, Marissa
  • Cranch, Eva
  • Deighton, Jacqui
  • Foster, Jamie
  • King, Griffin
  • Lucia, David
  • Sheppard, Benjamin
  • Stapleton, Katia

Current PhD Students

  • Boyes, Jane
  • Cameron, Michael
  • Church, Lindsay
  • Collier-Jarvis, Krista
  • Duperron, Brenna
  • Foster, Gavin
  • Guenther, Shawna
  • Hann, Cher
  • Hawkes, Jessica
  • Hirtle, Kala
  • Koehn, Jamie
  • Kraus, Brittany
  • Payne, Shannon
  • Pinsent, Helen
  • Ratz, Ella
  • Schiedel, Kristen
  • Tait, Aiden
  • Vogel, Sharon