Degree Options and Classes Offered in Arabic Studies

Minor Degree Options

Two new minor options in Arabic Studies and Middle East Studies are now available.

Minor in Arabic Studies


This minor is available to students registered in a 120 credit hour Bachelor of Applied Computer Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Community Design, Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Informatics, Bachelor of Management, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Science (Medical Sciences) program.

Students must take 18 credit hours at the 2000 level or above to a maximum of 27 credit hours from the following list:


· ARBC 2021.03: Intermediate Arabic I

· ARBC 2022.03: Intermediate Arabic II

And 12 credit hours selected from the following:

· ARBC 2030.03: Conversational Arabic: Introduction to Levantine Dialects

· ARBC 2100.03: Cultural Introduction to the Arab World

· ARBC 3030.03: Advanced Arabic I

· ARBC 3031.03: Advanced Arabic II

· ARBC 3040.03: Arabic Philosophical Texts: al-Ghazali or RELS 4010.03 Islamic Philosophy: al-Ghazali

· ARBC 3050.03: Arabic Philosophical Texts: Maimonides or RELS 4011.03 Jewish Philosophy: Maimonides

· ARBC 3100.03: Arabic Pre-Islamic Poetry

· CLAS 2281.03: Christian Beginnings: The Orthodox and Oriental Churches

· CLAS 3017.03: Meetings between Hellenism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam until the Renaissance

· CLAS 3382.03: Medieval Philosophy from Arabic and Jewish Thinkers to Aquinas

· RELS 2003.03: Islam

· RELS 3003.03: Islam and the Others

· RELS 3009.03: Christianity in the Lands of Islam

· RELS 3012.03: Mystics of the Middle East

· RELS 4018:03: Christian Theology in Islamic Lands: John of Damascus

Note: Not all courses are offered each year. Please consult with the timetable for courses offered.

Contact Arabic Studies for more information.

Minor in Middle East Studies

Please note that the Minor in Middle East Studies is administered through the Department of History.

Students minoring in Middle East Studies select three full credits from the list below.  Students are required to take one of the following:  HIST 2502, HIST 2503, HIST 2504, RELS 2001 or RELS 2003.  At least one half credit must be at the 3000 or 4000 level.  Please note that not all classes are offered each year.

Second Year

Third Year

  • ARBC 3030:  Advanced Arabic
  • ARBC 3031:  Advanced Arabic II (Readings)
  • ARBC 3040:  Arabic Philosophical Texts (al-Ghazali)
  • ARBC 3050: Arabic Philosophical Texts (Maimonides)
  • ARBC 3100:  Arabic Pre-Islamic Poetry
  • CLAS 3016:  Meetings between Hellenism and the East to Philo the Jew (HIST 3016, RELS 3018)
  • CLAS 3017:  Meetings between Hellenism, Judaism,
  • Christianity and Islam (HIST 3017, RELS 3019)
  • CLAS 3021:  Ancient Art and Architecture from the Pyramids to the Forum
  • CLAS 3382:  Medieval Philosophy from Arabic and Jewish Thinkers to Aquinas
  • CLAS 3501:  Herodotus
  • CLAS 3502:  Thucydides and the Greek World at War (HIST 3502)
  • HIST 3509:  Arab Caliphs, Turkish Commanders, Persian Viziers, 750-1200 (CLAS 3601) 
  • HIST 3510:  Sultans and Shahs, 1500-1800 (RELS 3510)
  • HIST 3511:  Ancient and Medieval History of the Persianate World (CLAS 3602)
  • HIST 3512:  Modern History of Iran
  • HIST 3513:  From Cairo to Capetown
  • HIST 3515:  Food for Thought
  • RELS 3001:  Islam and the Others
  • RELS 3009:  Christianity in the Lands of Islam
  • RELS 3012:  Sufism

Fourth Year 

  • CLAS 4011:  Jewish Philosophy: Maimonides (RELS 4011)
  • CLAS 4018:  John of Damascus (RELS 4018)
  • CLAS 4019:  Philo Judaeus
  • CLAS 4110 X/Y:  Rome and the East
  • CLAS 4525 X/Y:  The World of Herodotus  
  • HIST 4510:  Topics in Middle Eastern and Islamic History
  • HIST 4545:  Scripture and Statecraft: History of Islamic Political Thought
  • HIST 4550:  Orientalism and Occidentalism
  • HIST 4555:  Arab Intellectuals and their Ideologies in the Modern Period
  • RELS 4010:  Islamic Philosophy: al-Ghazali


Classes Offered: 2021-2022

Classes are taught by Dr Rodica Firanescu. Registration for the fall term will open in March 2022.

Fall Term 2021

Class Time
ARBC 1021 : Introduction to Arabic  
MW 1305-1425
ARBC 2021 : Intermediate Arabic               
TR 1435-1555
ARBC 3030: Advanced Arabic MW 1605-1725


Winter Term 2022

Class Time
ARBC 1022 : Introduction to Arabic II 
MW 1005-1125
ARBC 2022: Intermediate Arabic II
MW 1435-1555
ARBC 2100: A Cultural Introduction to the Arab World TR 1735-1855
ARBC 3031: Advanced Arabic II: Literary Readings MW 1735-1855

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