BCD Studio Reports

Bachelor of Community Design HonoursĀ students conduct group projects in studio courses during the fall semester. These are some examples of their group reports.


"Design Concepts for Mulgrave Park."


Buckley, Adrian, and Erica Chisholm-Keith, Shawn MacDonald, Natalie Seniuk, Jesse Sparks. "Keppoch - Beaver Mountain Recreation Area."

Full report: "Keppoch - Beaver Mountain Recreation Area." Environmental Planning Studio, 2007.

Chisholm, Leanne and Chad Manley, William Martin, Clara Stewart-Robinson, Nathan Rogers, Stephan Tremblay. "Conservation-Based Land Use Plan for the Walton Clay Plain."

  • Full report: "Conservation-Based Land Use Plan for the Walton Clay Plain." Environmental Planning Studio, 2007.




    Amaratunga, Seela, and Heather Chisholm, Amber Ellis, Elizabeth Gillin, Karen Neville, Johathan Paczkowski. "Debert Eco-Industrial Park."

    Full report: "Debert Eco-Industrial Park." Environmental Planning Studio, 2005.


    Sandy Lake Project.

    Full report: Sandy Lake Project. Environmental Planning Studio and Rural Planning Studio, 2001-2002.