Keppoch ‑ Beaver Mountain Recreation Area

Honours students in the Dalhousie Bachelor of Community Design completed this project in fall 2005. The purpose was to determine the capabiliaty of the Keppoch – Beaver Mountain Recreation Area in Antigonish County, Nova Scotia, for general development (the development of permanent structures such as buildings and roads) and multi-season recreational uses (trails and other recreational infrastructure).

This project was completed in three stages:
• inventory of landscape attributes, 
• analysis of landscape conditions, and 
• synthesis to identify land capability for development.

Development capability was defined according to the landscape’s sensitivity to
• High sensitivity to development (not suitable)
• Moderate sensitivity to development
• Low sensitivity (opportunity for development )

It was found that capability for recreational use varies widely according to the intensity of the recreational use and the season in which it takes place.

Based on these findings, recommendations were made for locating general development, as well as seasonal high and low impact recreational use.

The report can be downloaded from this site as Acrobat (.pdf) files.