BEDS Work Term Requirements

Before the Work Term

  1. Submit a signed BEDS co-op agreement to the SITE Co-op Office:
  2. Register for ARCH 8892 in the fall term.
  3. Download and read the ARCH 8892 course outline.
  4. To begin your job search, refer to the job postings on myCareer. Check other sources on your own, especially if you plan to work in a particular location.

During the Work Term

  1. Submit a Work Term Information - Architecture form to the SITE Co-op Office ( within a week after obtaining a job, to request that your job be approved by the School.
  2. Complete at least 500 hours of approved work experience in no less than 12 weeks.
  3. If you have a question about the work placement, contact the SITE Co-op Office: or 902-494-3123. If you have a question about the BEDS work term report or the work term poster, contact Benjie Nycum:
  4. Submit your work term assignments to Benjie Nycum ( by the due dates in the course outline.
  5. Near the end of your work placement, download the form Employer's Evaluation of an Architecture Student, fill in the first page, and ask your supervisor to complete the rest of the form.

After the Work Term

  1. Submit your "Employer's Evaluation of an Architecture Student" form to the SITE Co-op Office ( by the first day of the B5 term.
  2. Present your work term poster during the B5 Professional Practice module early in the winter term.