Newspaper Articles

Each month, OACC publishes a news article focused on translating the science of organic agriculture into applicable and understandable language.

Our news articles are presented by year of publication.

In 2012, OACC collaborated with Canadian Organic Growers on a special research edition of The Canadian Organic Grower magazine.  The articles of this special issue are available at the link below.

Summer 2012 Special Research Edition of The Canadian Organic Grower

These article first appeared in the special Summer 2012 research edition of The Canadian Organic Grower, produced in collaboration between OACC and COG. This special issue was brought to you with the support of the Organic Science Cluster. The Organic Science Cluster projects described in this article are funded by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and industry partners.

Canada's Organic Science Cluster (OSC) is part of the Canadian Agri-Science Cluster Initiative of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Growing Forward Policy Framework. Growing Forward, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. The OSC is led by the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada and the lead industry applicant, the Organic Federation of Canada.



Older articles will be made available here or in OACC's DalSpace archive in the coming weeks.