Canadian Organic Research Priorities

2021 Canadian Organic Research Priorities

Research priorities have been established for the organic sector based on over 20 consultation meetings held with over 200 producers, processors, extension specialists, and researchers. These priorities should guide the LOI and proposal submission process. Details can be found in the document:

2021 Canadian Organic Research Priorities [PDF- 352.06 KB]

2016-17 Canadian Organic Research Needs and Priorities Assessment Process

All stakeholders in the Canadian organic sector were invited to participate in identifying organic research needs and priorities over the fall and winter of 2016-17. From this, a preliminary list of research priorities [PDF - 281 kb] has been developed to guide researchers in submitting Letters of Intent for Organic Science Cluster III.

The full results of this collaboration can be read in the Organic Research Priorities Report 2016-2017 - [PDF-1.6mB]

Knowledge translation and transfer

Priorities identified by the Research and Innovation Working Group of the Organic Value Chain Roundtable

Organic research prioritization (2009)

International perspectives