SAGE ‑ St. Lucia and Dominica

Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture is partnering with Algonquin College on two projects to support the strengthening of skills-based education in Saint Lucia and Dominica.  Funded by Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) these Skills to Access the Green Economy (SAGE) projects focus on climate-smart crop production in Saint Lucia (SAGE-06, lead by Dalhousie University) and climate-resilient construction in Dominica (SAGE-02, lead by Algonquin College). In addition to curriculum development, these projects also prioritize student success, gender equality and recruiting and retaining students from vulnerable and underserved populations. These projects bring together faculty and staff from Canadian partner institutions to work with their counterparts from  Saint Lucia and Dominica between 2020-2023, and include exciting mobility opportunities for Dalhousie students!

Project News:

07 Jul 2023: 
Supported by Dal AC and the SAGE project, second year BSc student Jessica Larsen completed a work abroad experience in St. Lucia, working with our project partners!
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Keep your eyes open for updates on an upcoming student travel opportunity to St. Lucia in November of 2023!!

18 Jan 2022:  
Congratulations to our friends, colleagues and students at CALLS (Centre where Adolescents Learn to Love and Serve)! Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture is providing guidance and support to CALLS within the Skills to Access the Green Economy in Dominica  (SAGE-02) project. Algonquin College is the lead Canadian partner in SAGE-02, establishing  climate-resilient construction programs at CALLS and Dominica State College (DSC) and Dalhousie is supporting the Dominican partners to strengthen the student success components of the new programs. Check it out on FaceBook.