Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fuzhou, China

The present academic and research collaborations between the partners developed out of a Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) funded project. At the beginning, the Canadian partner was the Nova Scotia Agricultural College (NSAC). With the September 2012 merger of NSAC with Dalhousie University, the partnership now benefits from the larger Dalhousie University.

The partnership is active in:
i) undergraduate programs and
ii) research/faculty exchanges

Visit http://info.fafu.edu.cn/hwxyen for more information on FAFU.

FAFU- Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture 2+2 Undergrad Program

Two degrees, two languages and an international experience.

Graduates earn one Canadian Bachelor’s degree and one Chinese degree that is Chinese
Ministry of Education accredited.

The  2+2 B.Sc (Agr) program was established in 2002 between FAFU and NSAC; the first students arrived in Canada in 2005. After merger between NSAC and Dalhousie, the Canadian portion of the articulation program continues to be offered by the Faculty of Agriculture, Dalhousie on the Truro campus (Dal-AC).

Chinese students studying at the Fujian Agricultural and Forestry University  in Fujian Province, China may apply to take their bachelors program in a 2 + 2 modality. Studying at FAFU for the first two years, they take ESL courses as well as university science and agricultural courses. Some of these courses are taught in a bilingual mode by FAFU instructors along with Dal-AC  faculty (both in person and by distance).

This program meets both Canadian educational quality standards (Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission) as well as those in China. The FAFU- Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture 2+2 program is accredited by the PRC Ministry of Education.


• Students graduate from this international experience with proof of cross-cultural competence;
• Graduates possess enhanced skills in business, technical and conversational English.
• Graduates’ success comes from their own hard work and some essential program components.
• Graduates have the opportunity to work in Canada for at least two years after graduation.

The FAFU- Dalhousie 2+2 program offers top quality academics and a  once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience. The presence of our Chinese students have enriched the Dal Agriucltural Campus. Who wouldn’t enjoy the festivities of Chinese New Year right on our own campus?

Over the last ten successful years, graduates of the FAFU-Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture program have secured highly competitive graduate study positions and high quality jobs in both Canada and China.


Research, Graduate Student and Faculty Exchange

Building on the strong partnership and commitment of the two partners, a Faculty Exchange, Research and Graduate Studies Partnerships was signed in 2010. Among other opportunities, this has served to allow Chinese graduate students to do 4-6 months of research on our campus. Leveraging Canadian government Students for Development project funds, Chinese and Canadian graduate and undergraduate students have studied and expanded their research at both FAFU and Dal-AC.  

Student Researchers at Dal-AC

Shaohua Chen: Identification of Two Resistance Gene Markers in Potato; under the mentorship of Dr Gefu Wang-Pruski.

Yaying Xu: organic agriculture; under the mentorship of Drs Claude Caldwell and Derek Lynch

Dal students at FAFU:

Ravee Chen:  Medicinal properties of foods: East and West; under the mentorship of Dr Songliang Wang (and N. Pitts).

Lori Martinez: Community Supported Agriculture; under the mentorship of Dr Songliang Wang.

Faculty Research Collaborations:

Dr Gefu Wang-Pruski, Professor at Dalhousie University, was nominated by FAFU and accepted by the China Scholarship Council as a Minjiang Scholar.

Joint scholarly activity:

Dr Claude Caldwell and FAFU colleagues:

Pathways of assessing agroecosystem health and agroecosystem management 2010 Wenfeng Zhu, Songliang Wang, Claude D. Caldwell

  • Presented in: The 2nd international workshop of the ecosystem assessment and management, Lanzhou, China, Jul.28-Aug.1st , 2010
  • Published in: Acta Ecologica Sinica, 2012,32: 9–17

The functions of agro-ecosystem services and its managerial essences 2009 Wenfeng Zhu,Songliang Wang,Claude D Caldwell

  • Presented in: The 14th Annual China Agroecology Conference, Fuzhou,China, Aug.16-20th, 2009
  • Published in : Chinese  Journal of Ecological Agriculture,2010, 18(4): 889−896

Low Carbon Agriculture: Origins, Principles and Strategies 2010. Songliang Wang, Claude D. Caldwell, Wenfeng Zhu.

  • Presented in: keynote speech in Hainan Ecological Agriculture Forum,Jan.29-31st, 2010,Danzhou,Hainan hosted by China  People University
  • Published in: Agricultural Modernization Research, 2010,31(5):604-607

The Elite, Bilingual Course of Agro-ecology Established Under the Sino-Canadian Program 2009 Songliang Wang, Claude D Caldwell, Shannon Kilyanek, Dexi Lin, Liqing Wei.

  • Presented in: The 14th Annual China Agroecology Conference, Fuzhou, China, Aug.16-20th, 2009
  • Published in: The Journal of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University 2010,13(1):90-95

Dr Gefu Wang-Pruski and FAFU colleagues

Jinghui Yang, Yanjun Liu, Yudong Liu, Weiyu Zhang, Junxuan Huang, Jianke Li, Chang Cheng Du, Zhuo Sui, Gefu Wang-Pruski. 2009.  Characterization of Chlorosis‑Resistant Apple Mutants of Transgenic FRO2. Acta Horticulturae. 829: 251.

Zhao, Y.; Yang, G.; Wang-Pruski, G.; and You, M. 2008. Phyllotreta striolata(Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae): Arginine kinase cloning and RNAi-based pest control.European Journal of Entomology, 105(5) 815-822.

Zhang, W-Y., Yang, J-H., Wang-Pruski, G., Hodges, M., Zhao, Y-P., and Liang, G-L. 2008. Cloning, construction and overexpression of GalUR for vitamin C. Journal of Southwest University (Natural Science Edition). 30 (2):1-5

Dr Nancy Pitts and FAFU colleagues

Pitts, Nancy L. and Mao, Liyu. 2013. Learning from each other's classrooms: Enhancing sustainability of academic articulation programs, Presented at the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE)  Conference, Sydney, CB.

10-Yr Celebration in 2013

December 6 and 7, 2013 FAFU will host the 10 year celebration of the 2+2 Program. Representing Dalhousie University will be Dr David Gray, Dean, Faculty of Agriculture and Dr Claude Caldwell, Associate Dean, Academic and longtime friend of FAFU. Also present will be Dr Gefu Wang-Pruski in her role as Dean, Overseas College, FAFU.

Accomplishments and Recognition

Dr You Minsheng recipient of an Honorary Doctorate from Dalhousie University for his innovative leadership in establishing the 2+2 undergraduate program.

Dr. Wang-Pruski appointed Dean of Overseas College (OEC) at FAFU

Dr. Gefu Wang-Pruski has been appointed Dean of the Overseas Education College at Fujian Agricultural Forestry University (FAFU) in an official ceremony February 22, 2013.

Dr. Zonghua Wang, FAFU Vice President and Mr. Huaping Zeng, Vice Dean of the Overseas Education College witnessed the official signing and expressed their strong support for Dr. Wang-Pruski in joining the university’s team. Dr. Wang-Pruski will work on promoting and developing the College to a new level of open education and international cooperation. Dr. Wang-Pruski remains a full-time professor of the Faculty of Agriculture, Dalhousie University, on a ten-month basis.

 Qi Liu receives 2013 Student Leadership Distinction Award

Each year, a student is recognized who distinguishes themselves as a natural leader on campus. The Student Leadership Distinction Award celebrates an individual who has made a significant impact on campus.  It also recognizes their dedication to building community and helping those facing difficult times.

Last September, campus mourned the loss of Zhuhui Ye.  His best friend Qi Liu, or Mike as some of us know him, responded to the needs of his fellow students while coping with his own loss.  In providing support to his friends, Zhuhui’s family and the AC student body, Qi Liu demonstrated the essence of what has made him deserving of this award. “In Trust for the Memory of Zhuhui Ye” fund was established, where several fundraisers were held.  Mike and his friends also set up a memorial for Zhuhui and provided support to the students, staff and faculty who had visited to pay their respects and helped the family members who visited from China. In addition to his work on campus, Qi Liu has volunteered in the community with seniors, the food bank, at his church and many other places.  It is an honour to present Qi Liu with the 2013 Impact Student Leadership Distinction Award.

Qi Liu has returned from summer employment in the BC aquaculture industry to start his M.Sc. under Dr Jim Duston.

Dalhousie University congratulates FAFU on the 10th year Anniversary of establishing our joint 2+2 Articulation Program.