Courses and Programs

Extended Learning works together with the agriculture industry to bring you a variety of training courses that include professional development opportunities, online and distance courses, certifications, and university credit or preparatory courses.

A full list of programs may be found below or you can use the links to the right to search through certain types of courses.

Full Listings

Fall and Winter Credit Courses (Online)

ENVA3021- Ecohydrology (Fall)

APSC4005- Watershed Management & Environmental Restoration (Winter)

AGRI4001- Agriculture, Food & Well Being (Winter)

Stand-alone courses and training

Bulk Milk Grader's Certification Course

Bulk Milk Grader's Recertification

Cannabis Production & Management (Online)

Introductory Welding

New Prairie Landscape (Online)

Organic Vegetable Gardener (Online)

Pesticide Applicator Exam Prep Course (Online)

Pesticide Applicator CEP Course (Online)

Tractor Safety

Programs and certificates

Certificate in Technology Education Program

Fundamentals of Beekeeping - NEW! (Online)

High Performance Herd (Blended)

PEI Farm Technician Apprenticeship Program

Certificate of Specialization in Organic Agriculture (Online)
Individual courses within this certificate:

Summer university prep courses (online)

CHMA 0050: Preparatory Chemistry

PHYS 0050: Introductory Physics

MTHA 0050: Math Functions

Summer university credit courses (online)

MTHA1000: Introductory Calculus I 

MTHA1001: Introductory Calculus II

STAA2000: Introduction to Statistics

STAA3000: Introduction to Planned Studies

Indigenous Student Access Pathway

Student Success Centre at Dal AC

Master Gardener training (online)

Atlantic Master Gardener Training Program

Alberta Master Gardener Training Program

Ontario Master Gardener Training Program

Master Gardener Summer School (in-person)