Courses and Programs

Extended Learning works together with industry to bring you a variety of training courses that include professional development opportuities, online and distance courses, certifications, and university credit or preparatory courses.

A full list of programs may be found below or you can use the links to the right to search through certain types of courses.

Full Listings

AGRI 2000: Transition to Organic Agriculture

AGRI 3001: Agricultural Health and Safety

AGRI 4001: Agriculture, Food, Well Being

AGRN 2000: Organic Field Crop Management

ANSC 2004: Organic Livestock Production

ANSC 3005: Animal Welfare- Winter Semester

APSC4005: Watershed Management and Environemtal Restoration

Bulk Milk Grader's Course

Bulk Milk Grader Recertification

Cannabis Production & Management

Certificate in Technology Education Program

Certificate of Specialization in Organic Agriculture (Online)

CHMA 0050: Preparatory Chemistry

Commercial Queen Production

Dairy Herd Health & Nutrition Management Course

ENVA 2002: Composting and Compost Use

ENVA2003: Introduction to Urban and Peri- Urban Agriculture

ENVA3021: Ecohydrology

HORT 2001: Principles of Organic Horticulture

Integrated Pest Management - Farmers

Integrated Pest Management - Landscapers

Integrated Weed Management

Introductory Welding

Managing Dairy Milking Systems and Housing Facilities

Master Gardener Summer School

Master Gardener Training Program Certificate

Modern Beekeeper

MTHA 0050: Functions

MTHA 1000: Introductory Calculus I

MTHA 1001: Introductory Calculus II

New Prairie Landscape Course

Nutrient Management Planning

PEI Farm Technician Apprenticeship Program

Pesticide Applicator's Certification

Pesticide Applicator Update (6 CEP)

Pesticide Application Technology - Farmers

Pesticide Application Technology - Landscapers

PHYS 0050: Preparatory Physics

Positive Animal Training: The Science of Applied Behaviour Analysis

STAA 2000: Introduction to Statistics

STAA 3000: Introduction to Planned Studies

Tractor Safety