Summer 2020 Preparatory Courses

Preparatory classes are designed to give you the prerequisite knowledge to attend the introductory level degrees courses of Calculus, Chemistry, or Physics. Students do not receive a university credit for these courses, but they will permit entry to the degree level courses at Dalhousie. The preparatory courses run in July and August and are completed online. 

MTHA 0050: Functions
This ONLINE, non-credit course is designed for those who do not have the requisite skills for the first-year mathematics courses but have shown sufficient basic mathematical ability to warrant a one semester course to make up for the deficiencies. This course will emphasize the study of the basic functions used in the sciences. Topics to be covered include linear, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions. Emphasis is placed on use of a graphing calculator. 
PHYS 0050: Preparatory Physics
This introductory ONLINE, non-credit course is designed for students who do not have the equivalent of NS Grade 12 Physics. Course topics include one-dimensional kinematics, vector theory, Newton’s Laws, equilibrium, kinetic energy and work, and other topics as determined by a review of the class.
CHMA 0050: Preparatory Chemistry
This ONLINE, non-credit course is designed for students who satisfy all other requirements for admission but lack the Grade 12 Chemistry course. The course will cover the basic material necessary for entrance into CHMA 1000, including review of the periodic table, nomenclature, chemical reactions, aqueous solutions, chemical bonding, and other topics as determined by a review of the class.


How to apply

For current students:

Register for these courses through Dal Online

For incoming first-year students: 

Contact to register.

For non-Dalhouse students:

Contact to register. 


Fees are due by July 3rd, the start of classes.  ALL STUDENTS $454 (CDN) per course.

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