Customized Training

Our training focuses on what industry needs to do better, or differently, in order to overcome challenges and capture opportunities.

Our initial consultations with farmers, business owners and key industry experts are the foundation of our training design process. In these consultations, we help clients identify the desired impact and training outcomes, and our training is aligned to those desired impacts and outcomes.

Impact is built into our training from the start. This improves the potential return on investment for training, for both the learner and the farm or business.

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Results are in!

The results of our recent training needs assessments for agricultural business, dairy and poultry are now available for comment.

Results can be seen on the links below:

Training Needs Assessment Business - September 2014

Training Needs Assessment Dairy - January 2015

Training Needs Assessment Poultry- August 2015

Thank you for taking the time to review these results and to pass on your comments.

Thank you as well to the participants and reviewers in these focus group and review process. Your time and insights have made this a rewarding and valuable process!

Comments can be forwarded to:

Rosaria Campbell - Curriculum Coordinator, Extended Learning
Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture