• Cannabis and the Canada-EU trade agreement: Opportunities and Challenges - Hon. Darrell Dexter, Global Public Affairs and MacEachen Institute (Mon. 22nd Oct. 11.30-1.00) public lecture in collaboration with MacEachen Institute
  • Changing EU Schengen Visa Regime: Biopolitics, Risk Management, and Networked Databases - Can Mutlu, Department of Politics, Acadia University, Wolfville (Mon. 5th Nov. 11.30-1.00 - Room 304, Dunn Building)
  • EU Study Tour (provisionally 12th May - 1st June 2019) & Internship Programme -  -  "an excellent study opportunity -- less a "course" than an immersion in European institutions, a program for self-directed and independent study".   See: www.uvic.ca/interdisciplinary/europe/study-tour/index.php or contact jmeuce@dal.ca for application details.
  • Day of Debate: for local IB students (9th April 2019)