• Free public film screening and discussion of the award-winning documentary TRACE 6.15-7.45 p.m. Thurs. 5th May (Room 101, Atrium Building, Saint Mary's University).              
  • International Workshop on Asylum Regimes, Bordering Practices and Asylum Seekers' Experiences: Gendering Violence and Precarity in Forced Migration.  In-person collaboration between WASEM Project and JMEUCE from 5th-6th May.  Includes free PUBLIC film screening and discussion of the award-winning documentary TRACE -- see above. 
  • THE CONFLICT IN UKRAINE: A FORUM - online event. 10th March.  For recording, see:  Panel: Maya Eichler (Mount Saint Vincent University), Denis Kozlov (Dalhousie University), Lyubov Zhyznomirska (Saint Mary's University), Leah Sarson (Dalhousie University), Anders Hayden (Dalhousie University), Brian Bow (Dalhousie University); Moderator: Ruben Zaiotti (JMEUCE & Dalhousie University).  Sponsored by the JMEUCE in collaboration with the Centre for the Study of Security and Development (CSSD), Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and Office of Advancement, Dalhousie University.                                                                                                                                                             
  •  EU Study Tour (2nd-26th May 2022) & Internship Programme  "an excellent study opportunity -- less a "course" than an immersion in European institutions, a program for self-directed and independent study.   Partial funding available from JMEUCE.   Contact for application details and how to do the tour for credit.  Note that this year's "tour"will be online but with an optional, in-person internship programme from 30th May with placements in Europe for approx. two months.  Contact us for details.
  • Interested in doing research in Europe on an EU-relevant topic? $6,000 Mitacs GRA scholarships available for Dal students.  Contact for information.
  • Visit to the JMEUCE by Charlotte Montel, Counsellor for Cultural and Scientific Cooperation, French Embassy in Ottawa, and Chloé Saulas, Cultural Attaché, Consulate General of France in Moncton.  10th Nov. 2021.
  • Viscount Bennett Chair Roundtable on International Economic Law - Dispute Settlement Under the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement: Perspectives from North America and Europe.  5th Nov. 2021 via Zoom.  Watch the recording of the panel here and read the subsequent Briefing Note.  We were pleased to collaborate with the Schulich School of Law on this online event. 
  • Online lecture on Euro-African Borderwork and Local Politics in the Sahel, Philippe FrowdSchool of Political Studies, University of Ottawa.  2nd Nov. 2021 via Collaborate Ultra.