Apply to the International Summer Institute on Migration and Identity

The full process below should be completed as soon as possible before applications close.  Please note that applying to the Institute is not the same as applying to Dalhousie -- these are separate processes that must be done in sequence.

Applications are welcomed from:

  • Dalhousie students currently studying at the university and registering for the institute in the usual way for a summer course;
  • Exchange students from Dalhousie's partner universities, after consulting advisors at your home university about being officially nominated; and,
  • Visiting students from other universities in Canada and around the world interested in a credit transfer.

First step: If you wish to apply for the Summer Institute, please review the information on this website and then complete the SUPPLEMENTARY FORM (available here and in the tab on the right) as soon as possible.  

Second step: Applications will be reviewed and the decisions communicated to applicants within approximately three working days.  Anyone applying as an Exchange Student will need to provide proof of being nominated by their home university.

Third step: Successful applicants will be provided with details of how to proceed with applying for admission to Dalhousie (for those not currently enrolled).  This process varies for different categories of students and takes time so it is important to start very soon!