How to uninstall Java version you don't need


Currently, FAMIS or BRIO cannot run on Java version 7.  If you find you cannot run FAMIS or BRIO, chances are the version is incorrect.  To check your Java version, click here to determine what you are running.  If you are running Java version 7:

1.      Go to Control Panel, click on Programs and Features.

2.      Scroll down until you find Java™ - the list is in alphabetical order.

3.      To uninstall old Java TM versions, right-mouse click on the program and then select Uninstall to any that are small than the highest version.

You should not have to reboot your PC.  However, it might be a good idea.

If you need Java version 6, ensure you are logged into Novell, open Windows Explorer and go to S:\Install\famis.  Double-click on Java-Auto-Inst.bat to install.