Checking the Java version on your PC


Certain Administrative software at Dalhousie can only use version 6 of Java.  If you are running anything newer than 6 v.43, you may not be able to run FAMIS or BRIO.  To check and see if you are running version 7:

1.      Click on the Windows logo.

2.      Go to Control Panel.

3.      In the search box at the top right corner, type JAVA.

4.      Click on the Java Icon.

5.      Click on the General tab.

6.      Click on the About button.

7.      Check to see what version you are running.  It should be Version 8, Update 144.
         If it isn’t, go to in Internet Explorer to install the latest Java


Please let FMIT know if you need any assistance (494-1053 or  Ensure a FAMIS ticket is opened or call Client Reception (494-3345) to open one.