Standing Committees


DPMG has five Standing Committees, as follows:

  1. Communications Committee: ensures that DPMG members are kept informed about activities affecting the group. See the Terms of Reference.
  2. Membership Outreach Committee: organizes events for DPMG members that will help to forge stronger bonds within the group, as well as allow for informal interaction among members. See the Terms of Reference.
  3. Professional Development Committee: plans and orchestrates the annual DPMG Professional Development Conference and other professional development opportunities throughout the year. See the Terms of Reference.
  4. Nominating Committee: coordinates elections that will determine the membership of DPMG Standing Committees, and the DPMG representatives on the University Committees. See the Terms of Reference.
  5. Conference Committee: organizes the annual DPMG conference including identifying the theme, promotion and facilitation of the event. See the Terms of Reference.