Move‑in Day

Learn about the procedure for moving in to your residence

One of the most exciting parts of arriving at Dal is moving into your residence. For many of you, this will be the first time you'll be seeing your new living space. 

Move-in Instructions - Sept. 1, 2018

Most of our residences have their own unique move-in process. Select your residence below to find information about when and how to move in to your residence:

General Instructions

  • Move-in day can be extremely busy. Be prepared.
  • If you are unable to check in on your designated date, please contact the Residence Office.
  • A driver must remain with your vehicle while it is being unloaded.
  • Please do not leave your vehicle running. Exhaust fumes will build up quickly.
  • Read Rules & Responsibilities before arriving.

Substance-free residences

Please note: Howe Hall, Shirreff Hall, Risley Hall, Gerard Hall, and Mini-Residence houses will be substance-free for the duration of the 2019 Orientation Week, until September 9, 2019. Students and their guests are not permitted to consume or be in possession of alcohol or recreational cannabis within those residence buildings during that time.

Are you a family member or friend?

We'll make sure you don't get lost in all the excitement. Get information about Move-in Day for family members and friends.