Graduate & Mature Housing

Housing that works for you

Graduate and mature students at the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus can find a clean, comfortable and convenient residence experience that addresses their unique requirements.

We provide furniture, dishes, bedding and other items on request, so you can focus on your studies without worrying about bringing or buying your own.

Housing for graduate and mature students is located at Trueman House. Your rent will include the following:

  • A large private room
  • Garbage removal
  • Parking (behind Chapman House)
  • Shared kitchen, washroom and shower facilities (toilet paper and paper towel provided)
  • Shared common room with cable TV
  • High-speed internet in your room
  • Access to shared laundry facilities
  • Wireless internet access
  • Daily cleaning of common areas

Eligibility requirements

All students applying to this program must have a Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture student number and be registered as a Dalhousie graduate studies program or be a mature student (defined as a student 23 years of age or older or a student in their fourth year of study).

Exceptions to this policy include:

  • Dalhousie students needing special housing over the holidays/summer months
  • Co-op students needing housing during the summer months

Notification to withdraw from program

Students pay by the semester and are required to stay for the entire semester. If you wish to move out at the end of first semester you must notify the residence office by Nov. 1.

In the event where notification was not received the student will be charged for the next semester. There are no partial semester payments. For example, if a student chooses to vacate early in the semester, they must still pay for the full semester.


All areas on campus are smoke-free with the exception of designated smoking areas.  Please inquire about these areas if you are interested.

Replacement of lost or broken items

Each student will pay a caution fee per semester that will cover lost or broken items belonging to the program. Each student is responsible for their own personal possessions.

Laundry facility

Each student will pay a laundry fee per semester.


Students are responsible for keeping their rooms clean, cleaning up after meal preparation and keeping common areas tidy and free of clutter. Students are responsible for keeping the kitchen clean including the fridge and stove (both must be cleaned in December, April & August by the students).

Cleaning staff will clean the washroom\shower rooms and corridors daily. They will do a bi-annual cleaning of the kitchen floors (including wax and high polish).


Are the responsibility of the students. Garbage can be removed and placed in the garbage room by the back door. Recycling and composting containers will be located by the back door. Students are required to use these responsibly. Cleaning staff will ensure that the containers are placed at curb side on the appropriate day.


Students with accessibility needs should contact Residence for additional information.