This online (Brightspace) course is for all students studying abroad. Pre-departure courses give tips on settling comfortably in your new country. You'll also learn how to avoid emergencies and what to do if something should arise while you are abroad.

Once you have completed all the modules, a certificate of completion will be available for you to use as needed. Funding applications (SWIF, George Burris, FGS Travel Grant, etc.), all require proof that pre-departure requirements have been met. If you have any questions, email

NOTE: If you are participating in multiple International Learning Experiences within a year, this online Pre-Departure needs to be completed once annually only.

Pre-Departure for Medicine, Dentistry, and Health

Students from the Faculties of Medicine, Health, and Dentistry doing clinical placements may need to complete additional pre-departure activities through the Office of Community Partnerships and Global Health (CPGH). Contact your program and/or CPGH at for more information.