Insurance Coverage

Dalhousie University International Centre has a partnership with Backpack to provide industry leading travel insurance and other safety and wellness services to students going abroad. Backpack provides travel coverage, accidental death coverage, and travel clinic and vaccine services.

It is mandatory to purchase Backpack when participating in an International Learning Experience. The plan will cover you for multiple Dalhousie related trips taken within a one year period. (not applicable for personal trips)

Backpack covers medical care for COVID-19 if you contract the illness while abroad (excluding testing required for travel purposes).

Note: Only students who have received approval from Dalhousie for their planned international learning experience and met the pre-departure requirements will be able to purchase Backpack insurance.

If you cannot access the BUY NOW button, please contact

If your exchange study, work, or research is taking you to your home country please contact before purchasing Backpack.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff should also ensure they have required documents and coverage, including:

  • Required travel documents (e.g. passports, visas, permits, etc.) for your destination.
  • Trip cancellation and interruption insurance.
  • Appropriate travel medical insurance: This is mandatory for all travelers. The policies provided to eligible faculty and staff through Dalhousie’s health benefit plan, provide appropriate coverage.
  • Other appropriate travel insurance, including coverage for the loss of personal property.