Minors, Certificates and Diplomas

This information is for students in the Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences; Science; Management; and Computer Science.

What is a Minor?

A minor is an optional secondary program that complements your major or honours program. A minor allows you to take a number of courses in another area of study. If you do a minor, you generally have less room for elective courses as minors require completion of 3-6 full credits depending on the program.

If your interests are broad, you might not want to do a minor to allow yourself more room for a diverse range of elective courses.

It's possible to do more than one minor. Let us help with the planning.

For more information on minor options, see the undergraduate programs listing.

Earn a Certificate

Certificate options are available. Consult your Faculty for more information.

Diploma programs

Diploma programs complement your degree and allow you to obtain a specific set of skills, knowledge and experience required in the work place. Applicants to diploma programs usually require prior university or work experience. For more information on diploma programs, see undergraduate programs.