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Canadian Student Loans

You and your family are responsible for meeting the basic costs of your post-secondary education. The purpose of government student financial assistance is to supplement, not to replace, the financial resources that you and your family contribute. Assistance is based on financial need as established by the federal and/or provincial governments through an assessment of your application.

In Canada, there are two types of government student loan programs offered:

  • Canada Student Loans - A program run by the federal government.
  • Provincial Student Loans -  Each province or territory has its own student loans program.

You only need to submit one application. When you apply through your province, you will be assessed for both types of government student loan simultaneously.

For information on eligibility and how to apply, visit Student Financial Assistance.

In order to qualify for a provincial student loan, you must be a full-time student registered in 9 credit hours each term (12 credit hours for Newfoundland provincial loans). This is equivalent to three classes (each at 3 credit hours).

Provincial sudent loans websites:

Negotiating your student loan

Most student loans are signed by Dalhousie through electronic means once your loan has been assessed.  For fall disbursments, we start confirming loans in mid-August and for winter disbursments, mid-December.  If your loan is covering both the fall and winter terms, it is very important to be fully registered in both the fall and winter term classes by early August.  Your student loan may be reassessed and reduced if you are not fully registered. 

Summer student loan eligibilty veries from province to province.  If you have questions, please contact your provincial loan office or email the Registrar's Office at frontcounter@dal.ca.

Repaying your student loan

The National Student Loan Service Center offers on demand student loan repayment webinars.  You can get all the information you need to know about repaying your student loan at the following link:  National Student Loan Service Center On Demand Webinar.

Student Loan Questions

If you have questions about your student loan assessment, please contact your provincial student loan Office.  If you have questions about your loan confirmation, please contact the Registrar's Office at frontcounter@dal.ca


Important Note

If you drop classes through the year, it may affect your student loan. Students contemplating a change should consider the financial implications as well as the academic. Refer to the Refund Schedule for details and ask the Registrar's Office for advice before you drop a class.