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Faculty of Agriculture Graduate Scholarships

The Faculty of Agriculture has a common application for over 140 of our scholarships, bursaries, and awards. The common application is open to all students registered in a Faculty of Agriculture program, in any year of study (including Graduate students). A small number of awards still require a separate application.

To apply for in-course awards, students must complete the Faculty of Agriculture In-Course Award Application for the 2015 - 2016 academic year through DalOnline by October 4. The application will be available on August 31.

A complete list of awards that are part of the common application is available in the Academic Calendar.

For more information about awards specific to Graduate students, see the Faculty of Agriculture Graduate Financial Support page.

Other award opportunities may be available outside of Dalhousie. Please check the External Awards page for applications and details.

Awards with Separate Applications

Dr. Herbert F. MacRae Memorial Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture/Macdonald College Exchange Award
This award is designed to support student and staff exchange between the Faculty of Agriculture and Macdonald College of McGill University. Contact awards@dal.ca for more information.

Bill Mathewson Memorial Award
In memory of Professor Emeritis Bill Mathewson, who taught Animal Science course work for twenty years, a bursary will be awarded annually to an Agriculture student in any year of any program to assist in furthering their education through study/travel to another country. This bursary has been made available through generous contributions from students, Faculty of Agriculture colleagues, friends and associates at church and within the agricultural industry, in particular, the sheep breeders of Nova Scotia. In applying for consideration students will submit a proposal to participate in such activities as a study semester abroad toward their degree/diploma, attendance at a conference to make a presentation, a specialized training course or an internship or development project.