Program snapshot

Top 7 reasons to study Psychology at Dalhousie:

  1. Size: We offer the largest Psychology Department in the region with over 30 faculty members covering virtually every area in psychology.
  2. Career options: Psychology is a great background for many other areas of study and career options.
  3. Professors: Learn from award-winning teachers in one of the best-equipped departments in Canada.
  4. Research: Explore the many wide-ranging opportunities to get involved in research.
  5. Observation and experimentation: Learn and understand what makes humans and animals behave they ways they do.
  6. Flexible program options: We offer many double majors and combined honours programs.
  7. Excellent facilities: Student study space, computer labs, plus active student societies.

What will I learn?

Students in discussion around table

You'll gain a broad appreciation of psychology from experimental design and statistical analysis to brain function, language development, learning mechanisms and cognitive processing, as well as psychopathology and treatment, personality and the history of psychology.

What can I do... ?

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With a psychology degree, you can work in community and social services, human resources, residential care, student services, forensic services, Public relations, or hold managerial positions in laboratory or hospital settings.