"Obtaining the combined degree has provided me more flexibility in applying to non-traditional organizations."

Samantha Dutka, MLIS/MREM 2012


An 28 month course of study leading to combined degrees Master of Information Management and Master of Resource and Environmental Management (MI/MREM).

The goal of the combined degree is to provide qualified candidates with graduate education which equips them for careers as leaders in the information professionals with problem-solving tools and scientific (social and biophysical) understanding to create innovative solutions to resource and environmental issues.

A total of 22 courses is needed to complete the MI/MREM program: 9 half-credit MI courses (27 credit hours), 6 half-credit MREM courses (18 credit hours), 1 MREM internship (0 credit hours), 3 MI and 3 MREM electives (18 credit hours), and MGMT 5000 (3 credit hours).

Non INFO or ENVI electives are to be declared as counting towards either the MI or the MREM Program at the time of course registration.

Possible careers

Fish and wildlife information managers Information specialists
Traditional and ecological knowledge managers Geospatial and biological data librarians
Environment-related information managers  


Separate application packages must be submitted to each department.
Students who apply for the combined MI/MREM program must meet the admissions standards of both the School of Information Management and the School for Resource and Environmental Studies.

Plan of study

INFO 0590.00
Practicum (optional, non-credit)
  MGMT 5000
Management Without Borders
INFO 5500
Information in Society
  ENVI 5205
Law and Policy for Resource and Environmental
INFO 5515
Organization of Information
  ENVI 5500
Socio-political Dimensions of Resource and
Environmental Management
INFO 5520
Research Methods
  ENVI 5504
Management of Resources and the Environment
INFO 5530
Information Sources, Services & Retrieval
  ENVI 5505
Biophysical Dimensions of Resources and Environmental Management
INFO 5570
Organizational Management & Strategy
  ENVI 5508
MREM Project
INFO 5590
Information Management Systems
  ENVI 5509
MREM Internship
INFO 6540
Data Management
  6 MI or MREM electives
INFO 6681
Geospatial Information Management
Advanced technology requirement (choose one of the options below):  
INFO 6270
Introduction to Data Science
INFO 6513
Business Analytics and Data Visualization
INFO 6620
Web Design and Architecture
INFO 6681
Geospatial Information Management
INFO 6840
Content Management Systems


  • Not all courses are offered every year. It is the students' responsibility to ensure they plan their schedule appropriately. Combined degree students are advised on an individual basis to assist with course selection.
  • View MI and MREM course descriptions and syllabi.
  • MGMT 5000: To be taken in the final year of the MI/MREM degree.
  • INFO 5570: To be taken in the final year of the MI/MREM degree.
  • INFO 0590 is optional.
  • ENVI 5504 has a tutorial.
  • Electives are not restricted to MI or MREM courses, but must relate to the student's program objectives and be approved by either Graduate Program Coordinator. The maximum number of electives a student can take outside the MI or MREM program is two.
  • A thesis could be completed as part of this program by substituting 4 elective courses (GPA requirement must be met). Contact your Program Coordinator for details.
  • As indicated in the Graduate Studies Calendar (under “Program Fee Programs”), combined degree students must register for REGN 9999 in every term to ensure fees are generated properly. This course is listed as “Registration Course-Graduate” in the Academic Timetable.


For information about MI/MREM program:
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School of Information Management
MI Program Coordinator
Janet Music
(902) 494-2471
School for Resource & Environmental Studies
Academic Programs Coordinator
Melanie Zurba