Money Matters


Tuition and Fees

Important note: We have no control over tuition and fees, and are not involved with processing them. The numbers provided here are only estimates. Questions can be sent to us ( however we always recommend consulting with Student Accounts for the most accurate information: Phone: (902) 494-3998 / Email:

Full-time MI students typically register for 4 half-credit hour courses in both the fall and winter terms.

Student Accounts calculates tuition costs based on "billing hours". One half-credit course (3.0 credits) is 3 billing hours.


  •     4 courses per term: 12 billing hours
  •     3 courses per term: 9 billing hours


  •     2 courses per term: 6 billing hours
  •     1 course per term: 3 billing hours

A full-time MI student taking 4 courses per term can expect to pay $10,000 - $11,000 total in tuition and fees for the fall and winter terms. The average cost of books and electronic resources for both incoming and returning students in is approximately $100 - $150. This does not include ALL costs (for example, residence, student union fees, etc). 

International students: Students who are not Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents are also required to pay an additional International Tuition Fee. The Masters Tuition Fee Schedule on the main Dalhousie Money Matters page provides more detail (under "Information" and "Library & Information Studies"). We do not recommend using the Tuition Fee Calculator.

Funding & Support

Entrance Awards & Scholarships (no application required)

Incoming students with a GPA of 3.7 or higher, who have submitted a complete MI application by the March 1 deadline (4 p.m. AST) and are full-time students are automatically considered for these awards/scholarships. Award amounts vary annually.

Alumni Scholarship (approx $2000)

The Alumni Scholarship is sponsored by our Associated Alumni. The Alumni Scholarship is competitive and is awarded to an incoming full-time MI student who has achieved high academic standing, and demonstrated an interest in the profession, and/or experience working or volunteering in the field, through his/her admission essay.

FGS Scholarship (approx $5000)

The Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) provides a limited number of scholarships for students pursuing a degree program on a full-time basis. FGS Scholarships are competitive and are awarded to incoming, full-time MI students on the basis of academic merit.

Shirley B. Elliott Bursary (approx $1000)

Shirley Burnham Elliott's mother was the first professionally qualified librarian in Nova Scotia. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Ms Elliott obtained her library science degree from Simmons College (Boston) in 1940. In 1954 Shirley became Nova Scotia’s Legislative Librarian and, during the following 28 years, transformed that library and its services into a modern research library. In 1985 Shirley was awarded an honourary Doctor of Laws degree from Dalhousie; in 2003 she was awarded the Order of Nova Scotia. The Shirley B. Elliott Scholarship is competitive and, is awarded to an incoming full-time MI student on the basis of academic merit.

New Brunswick Award (approx $900)

The New Brunswick Award was created to support students, from New Brunswick, who are pursuing the MI or combined degree at Dalhousie University. The New Brunswick Award is competitive and is awarded to an incoming full-time MI student on the basis of academic merit.

A New Brunswick (NB) student is defined as an individual who declares a NB address on their application. Such an applicant will be an individual who was born in NB, or is a resident of NB, and/or completed high school or a university degree in NB.


Entrance Awards & Scholarships (application required)

Award amounts vary annually.

NSLA Diversifying Libraries Award (approx $1,000)

The Diversifying Libraries Award was launched in 2021 to align with Nova Scotia Library Association’s commitment to action toward racial justice. In offering the scholarship, we hope to contribute to the diversification of the library field within Nova Scotia through supporting access and success of students who are Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour.

The Diversifying Libraries Award provides one incoming student in the Master of Information program at Dalhousie University or the Library and Information Technology at Nova Scotia Community College with:

  • an entrance scholarship, amount to be determined annually (minimum, $500; in 2021, the amount is $1000)
  • an award certificate
  • one-year NSLA membership
  • one-year NSLA conference registration

Criteria: The sole awarding criteria for the Diversifying Libraries Award will be self-identification as an incoming student who is Indigenous, Black or a Person of Colour, with priority given to Mi’kmaq and African Nova Scotian students.

How to apply: If you self-identify as Indigenous, Black, or a Person of Colour and have been accepted into the Master of Information program at Dalhousie or the Library and Information Technology program at NSCC, you can apply. Applicants must submit their letter of program acceptance and a 500-word statement articulating why you want to be a part of the library community (by email to

Deadline: June 30th, 2021 (4pm AST)

Recipient will be notified by August 1 and the award will be presented to the applicant upon proof of registration.

For more information about the Diversifying Libraries Award, please contact

Promise Scholar Program

Background: The Scholar Program was launched in 2021. We developed it to align with Dalhousie’s commitment to admit, engage, support and graduate a more diverse student body, with attention to enhancing access and success of historically underrepresented students and especially Black and Indigenous Students.

Promise Scholar program for Black and Indigenous students: The Promise Scholar program for a student in the Master of Information (MI) program provides students with a $1,000 scholarship.

Our promise to support your potential: In addition to financial support, our advisors will provide academic and career support, including assistance in finding paid work during the program should you choose and career mentors to support your long-term career aspirations.

Criteria: The sole awarding criteria for the Promise Scholar will be an Indigenous or Black Canadian student, with priority given to Mi’kmaq and African Nova Scotian students.

How to apply: If you self-identify as Indigenous or African Canadian, you can apply. Applicants must submit a 500 word statement (by email to inform@dal.caarticulating the importance of diversity and inclusion in information management.

    May 1 at 4 p.m. (AST)

For more information about the Scholar Program, please contact

Student Assistantship (approx $1900)

Student Assistants provide administrative and research support to one or more DIS faculty or staff members, up to a maximum of 60 hours per year (30 hours fall term/30 hours winter term). Normally 3-4 Student Assistants are hired each year, depending on the funding available.

Staff will send a call for applications in July or August annually. Applicants must be an incoming student in the Master of Information (MI) program in good academic standing. Full-time or part-time students are eligible. 


In-Program Awards

Some awards require application. Refer to specific in-program awards for detail.

AMSI Bursary (two awards of approx $2500 each)

Application required.

Funded by AMSI, this bursary aims to provide assistance to incoming and returning MI students with good academic standing and proven financial need.


  • One incoming MI student 
  • One returning MI student
  • Must be registered for fall and winter courses by August 15
  • In good academic standing
  • Proven financial need (determined by completing the Bursary Application [PDF - 384 KB]


  • Complete Bursary Application; attach all relevant documents
  • Submit documents to the MI Program & Admissions Support Specialist for evaluation ( Incomplete application packages will not be evaluated.
  • DO NOT send apps to the Program Director or Program Manager. Applicant identities must be kept anonymous from those choosing the recipient(s).  


  • August 15 at 4 p.m. (AST)

Dalhousie-Horrocks National Leadership Scholarship (approx $2,000)

No application required.

The Dalhousie-Horrocks National Leadership Scholarship provides support to incoming or returning graduate students who demonstrate leadership potential in information management, specifically in libraries. The award will be presented at the annual Dalhousie-Horrocks National Leadership Lecture.


  • Must be an incoming or returning MI student
  • Must have an A-minus average (3.7 GPA)
  • Must be registered for fall and winter courses by May 1
  • Must show leadership potential in the field of information management in libraries


Attend the Dalhousie-Horrocks National Leadership Lecture.

About Norman Horrocks

Dr. Norman Horrocks OC, PhD, FCLIP (1927-2010) began his career in libraries in Manchester England from 1945-1953, interrupted by three years in the British Army’s Intelligence Corps. He then worked in Cyprus, Western Australia, and Pittsburgh, PA before joining Dalhousie in 1971.

He became Director of the School of Library and Information Studies (later the School of Information Management, now the Department of Information Science) and was later Dean of the Faculty of Management. He left Halifax in 1986 to become Editorial Vice President of Scarecrow Press in Metuchen, NJ, where he also was an adjunct professor at Rutgers University, until he returned to Nova Scotia in 1995.

In 2006 Norman was named an Officer of the Order of Canada in recognition of his lifetime devotion to library and information science.

Lana MacLean Graduate Bursary ($5,000)

Application required.

This award is funded by a bequest of the Estate of Lana MacLean. The purpose of the bursary is to support students who identify as first in family graduate students.


Must be a registered Master of Information (MI) student and:

  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Self-identify as being the first in family to attend graduate school.
  • Preference will be given to a student who self-identifies as African Nova Scotian.


Submit a one-page statement of interest (max 500 words) to Statement must address the eligibility criteria above. No financial statements are required.


  • Dec 1 at 4 p.m. (AST)

Stephanie Downs Memorial Award (approx $2000)

Application required.

Created in memory of Stephanie Downs (MLIS 2006). Stephanie demonstrated exemplary qualities for information professionals, notably: critical leadership abilities; superlative interpersonal skills; a strong interest in international perspectives; and a deep commitment to service.


  • Must be a part-time or full-time returning MI student
  • Must be registered for fall and winter courses by May 1
  • In good academic standing
  • Must have a demonstrated commitment to leadership and to student life at SIM
  • Must have volunteered or studied in an international environment outside his/her home country


Submit (Word documents) to

  • A one-page statement of interest in the Stephanie Downs Memorial Award
  • A current CV or resume


  • May 1 at 4 p.m. (AST)


The award recipient will:

  • Meet with the Program Director and Program Manager in August to discuss responsibilities associated with this award.
  • Consult with: a) the Faculty of Management’s International Student & Alumni Specialist to obtain the context with FOM, and b) the International Student Support Team at Dal’s International Centre.
  • Develop a strategy to support international MI students during the upcoming academic year.
  • Connect with international MI students during the first week of school in September; remain in contact with these students throughout the academic year.
  • Meet monthly with the Program Director and Program Manager to advise on issues that may arise during the academic year, and provide regular updates.


The Stephanie Downs Memorial Award recipient will act as a point of contact within the SIM student body for international MI students. The purpose is to assist these students as they navigate Dalhousie University, and point them in the direction of appropriate student resources.


Conference Travel Award

Application required.

Alberta Letts Conference Travel Award

Past Provincial Librarian, and Past President of CLA (1957/1958), Alberta Letts was a strong supporter of the foundation of the School and was very engaged during its early years. After her untimely death in 1973, Dalhousie University recognized Ms Letts’ contribution by establishing the Alberta Letts Conference Travel Award to enable MI student travel for conference participation.

Open to MI students (full-time or part-time, returning and graduating) whose paper or poster has been accepted for presentation at a conference.

Support for conference travel: A maximum of two student awards of $500 each will be awarded twice a year.

Application Procedure
To be considered for this award, applicants must submit the following to Janet Music ( by the deadline(s) below:

  • Evidence that their proposal has been accepted by the conference
  • A 200-250 word statement providing detail about their conference attendance, what form their participation will take and why they should receive the Alberta Letts Conference Travel Award.


  • November 1 at 4 p.m. (AST)
  • April 1 at 4 p.m. (AST)

Recipients will be asked to provide a 250-word recap of their conference experience, to be published on our blog.



Convocation Awards

No application required. Determined by MI Awards & Scholarships Committee.

Anne Galler Award

The Anne Galler Award is given annually by the Special Libraries Association (SLA) to a student from each of the three graduate Library Schools within the Eastern Canada Chapter region, in recognition of their high achievements in a special library related course or activity. Anne Galler was a long-standing member and past-president of the SLA Eastern Chapter.

APLA Award

This prize, funded by the Atlantic Provinces Library Association (APLA), is awarded to the graduating student who, in the opinion of faculty, shows the most professional promise.

Beta Phi Mu nominations

Beta Phi Mu is the International Library and Information Studies Honor Society established to recognize and encourage scholastic achievement among library and information studies students. Candidates are nominated from the graduating classes of ALA accredited degree programs, and must have Grade Point Averages over 3.75.  Nominations may not total more than 25% of the class.

CNSA Award

This prize is awarded by the Council of Nova Scotia Archives (CNSA) to a graduating student who shows the most promise and interest in the archival profession, both in and outisde the classroom. 

Director's Award

This prize is awarded to the graduating student (in the MI and MIM programs) with the highest academic achievement.

Information Technology Leadership Award

Awarded to the graduating student who has demonstrated leadership, agility and creativity connecting people to information through technology.

J. Clement Harrison International Award

Two prizes are awarded annually to worthy international members of the graduating class, or to any other graduating students who have demonstrated a strong interest in, and commitment to, librarianship and information studies outside North America. If only one (or no) suitable candidates apply one (or no) award will be given. 

J. Clement Harrison contributed to library education in England, the United States, Wales, Canada, Jamaica, and Ghana. He came to DIS (then School of Library Service) in 1971, serving first as director and later as professor until his retirement in 1978.

Louis Vagianos Medal

The Louis Vagianos Medal, named for the first director of SIM, is awarded to a graduating student who combines the capacity for blending originality with practical thinking and the courage to seek solutions to professional problems outside the mainstream.

NSLA/DIS Graduate Award

This prize is awarded by the Nova Scotia Library Association (NSLA) to a graduating student with a high GPA and a demonstrated interest in Public Library work.

MI Leadership Award

The Leadership award is given to a graduating student for significant service to the program and Department. This student has had a high level of involvement in the program's student, continuing education, and/or public relations activities.

MI/MIM Research Award

This prize is awarded to the graduating student (in the MI and MIM programs) who has demonstrated significant success in research. The award is open to all students, not only those who complete theses.

SIMSA Outstanding Service Award

The Outstanding Service Award is presented to a graduating student who has made outstanding contributions to student life in a non-leadership role. This student did not serve on the SIMSA executive but gave time to extra-curricular activities, helped others with technology, made thoughtful contributions in the classroom, and demonstrated an ability to be a team player. Graduating students are nominated by their peers for this award.


External Awards & Scholarships

Application required. See specific award/scholarship for criteria.
Name of Award/Scholarship Awarding Body Description Amount
Faculty of Graduate Studies Funding Opportunities Various We recommend regularly reviewing this page for funding opportunities offered through the Dalhousie Faculty of Graduate Studies. Take note of application due dates and plan ahead!  various
A.S. Mowat Prize Dalhousie University

To perpetuate the memory of Alexander S. Mowat who, as O.E. Smith Professor of Education, served for thirty years (1939-1969) as chairman of the Department of Education at Dalhousie University, and to commemorate Professor Mowat's contribution to education in Nova Scotia.

$1,500 CDN
Abdul Majid Bader Graduate Scholarship Dalhousie University First preference will be given to Iranian students who are residents of Iran. Second preference will be given to other international students. Applicants with first class standing in their undergraduate program who are intending to pursue studies in any discipline in which Dalhousie offers graduate degrees are welcome to apply once they have been admitted into a program. Applications may also be submitted by departments for eligible students who have been accepted into a graduate program. The scholarship is renewable, subject to an annual progress review (scholarship-class standing required). The award can be held for a maximum of 24 months of full-time study. $40,000 CDN
Graduate Thesis Student Conference Travel Grant Dalhousie University Conference travel grants can be awarded to full time graduate students in Master's or Doctoral thesis program only. In order to be eligible, students must present a poster or paper based on the results of their graduate thesis research at a national or international scholarly meeting or conference. $500 CDN
Linda Marie Gillingwater Rainsberry Graduate Student Scholarship and Bursary Dalhousie University

Preference will be given to single mothers whose area of study is in the Faculty of Arts and Social Science and whose research incorporates a social justice analysis. Preference given to a students whose research is on women's studies. Bursary option: The recipients must have demonstrated financial need. 

$1,500 CDN
African Nova Scotian Graduate Scholarship Dalhousie University Awarded annually to an African Nova Scotian who has either recently started or is planning to pursue graduate studies at Dalhousie.  The objective of these scholarships is to reduce systematic barriers and increase representation of African Nova Scotians in the university's wide diversity of graduate programs and in advanced professional occupations. The graduate program may be at the master's or doctoral level, and may include professional, course-based or thesis-based programs. $15,000 CDN
Indigenous Graduate Scholarship Dalhousie University Awarded annually to an Indigenous student who has either recently started or is planning to pursue graduate studies at Dalhousie.  The objective of these scholarships is to reduce systematic barriers and increase representation of Indigenous scholars in the university's wide diversity of graduate programs and in advanced professional occupations. The graduate program may be at the master's or doctoral level, and may include professional, course-based or thesis-based programs. $15,000 CDN
NS Graduate Scholarship Dalhousie University Open to research graduates at Nova Scotia universities for innovative work aligned with or advancing Nova Scotia priorities (see application form). The objectives of this award are to attract and retain top-quality research graduates, as well as to encourage exploration, discovery, and innovation. Note that only students in thesis-based programs are eligible for the Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship. $10,000 CDN
Phi Kappa Pi Joe Ghiz Memorial Award Dalhousie University Awarded to a student studying at the Masters or Doctoral level, in any discipline at Dalhousie University. The student must have a first-class standing (GPA 3.7/4.3) or higher in the last two years of previous study (graduate and/or undergraduate) and demonstrate both community involvement and university life involvement.  $750 CDN
Alice L. Haltom Educational Fund Scholarship Alice L. Haltom Educational Fund To increase and disseminate knowledge in information and records management. $1,000 USD
Diversity Scholarship Music Library Association To recruit students from historically underrepresented racial/ethnic groups into music librarianship by providing support for master’s-level LIS education. $3,000 USD
Kaleidoscope Program Association of Research Libraries The goal of the ARL Kaleidoscope Program is to attract master of library and information science (MLIS) students from historically underrepresented racial and ethnic groups to careers in research libraries and archives. The Kaleidoscope Program includes a stipend of up to $10,000, leadership and career development training, a site visit to an ARL member library, financial support for skills development, and a formal mentorship program. Up to 10,000
Awards, Grants & Scholarships American Library Association (ALA)   varies
Bermudian Scholarships Awarded to a Bermudian student commencing or pursuing a postgraduate degree at an approved university abroad. varies
Carin Alma E. Somers Scholarship Atlantic Provinces Library Association (APLA) To assist a Canadian citizen who is an Atlantic Provinces resident needing financial assistance to undertake or complete the academic requirements leading to a degree in Library and Information Science.  $1,000 CDN
CFUW Dr. Alice E. Wilson Awards Canadian Federation of University Women Awarded to mature students returning to graduate studies in any field after at least three years. $5,000 CDN
ChLA Hannah Beiter Graduate Student Research Grants Children's Literature Association Support for research that may be related to the dissertation or master's thesis. $500-$1,500 CDN
Eileen Wallace Research Fellowship in Children's Literature UNB Children's Literature Collection Committee Applicant must show evidence of scholarly knowledge in the field of children's literature, use UNB's Children's Literature Collection in the course of the research and acknowledge both the fellowship and the collection in any subsequent publication. $5,000 CDN
Fritz Schwartz Serials Education Scholarship NASIG To advance the profession by providing an aspiring library student who has prior experience with managing information resources the opportunity to enhance their  educational opportunities. $3,000 USD
Graduate Education Scholarships ARMA International Educational Foundation (AIEF) Funding for candidates intent on achieving a Masters or PhD degree with a focus on records and information management disciplines. $3,000 USD
Helen Ferris Award Prince Albert Public Library   $2,000 CDN
Library & Information Studies Graduate Student Grant Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) To support librarians and current LIS students actively conducting research in academic librarianship with the intent to publish the results. To promote research in the field of academic librarianship by and/or about Canadians.  $1,000 CDN
Lucille M. Wert Student Scholarship American Chemical Society, Division of Chemical Information (CINF) Designed to help persons with an interest in the fields of Chemistry and Information to pursue graduate study in Library, Information, or Computer Science. $1,500 USD
Margaret Williams Trust Fund Award Memorial University Library Established to promote the development of librarianship in Newfoundland and Labrador. Funds are awarded on a competitive basis to applicants seeking funding for library‐related projects or assistance in pursuing graduate studies in librarianship, archival studies, or teacher librarianship. Up to $1,500 CDN
Marion Sherman Bursary for Children's Librarians Wapiti Regional Library To promote librarianship in the province of Saskatchewan. $750 CDN
MLA Scholarship Medical Library Association Grants a scholarship to a student who is enrolled in or entering an American Library Association–accredited library school. $5,000 USD (max)
MLA Scholarship for Underrepresented Students Medical Library Association Grants a scholarship to an underrepresented student who is enrolled in or entering an American Library Association–accredited library school. $5,000 USD (max)
RBC Aboriginal Student Awards Program Royal Bank of Canada The RBC Aboriginal Student Awards Program was launched in 1992 to assist Aboriginal students to complete post-secondary education, and provide an opportunity for RBC to strengthen its relationship with the Aboriginal community. Selected students are awarded up to $5,000 each academic year for two to four years to use towards tuition, textbooks, supplies and living expenses. up to $10,000 CDN/year
Price McIntosh Bursary Library & Archives Canada (LAC) This bursary provides financial support to Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities, and members of visible minorities who wish to pursue studies in fields related to libraries and archives.The Price McIntosh Bursary is bequest from the McIntosh and Price family of Montréal.  $5,000 CDN for up to 3 years
Sarah Rebecca Reed Scholarship Beta Phi Mu For beginning IM studies at an ALA accredited school. $2,250 USD
Student Scholarship Association of Jewish Libraries Awards an annual scholarship to a promising student with a history of participating in Judaic studies or libraries, accepted into or attending an accredited graduate school of library and information science. This scholarship is merit-based rather than needs-based. $1,000 USD
Virginia Mathews Memorial Scholarship American Indian Library Association (AILA) To provide tuition to an American Indian individual who lives and works in the American Indian community, and who is enrolled, or has been accepted and will enroll, in a master’s degree program at a university with a library and/or information sciences program accredited by the American Library Association. $4,000 USD
Wolfgang M. Freitag Internship Award Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) To support a 150 hour internship in an art or architecture related setting such as a library, archive, or visual resources collection. $3,000 USD
BRASS Student Travel Award Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) Given to a student enrolled in an ALA accredited master’s degree program to fund travel to and attendance at the ALA Annual Conference and a one-year membership in the Business Reference and Services Section (BRASS) of RUSA. $1,250 USD
CALA Scholarships Chinese American Librarians Association Open to full-time students of Chinese heritage who are currently enrolled in an ALA-accredited master's or doctoral program of library and information science at an institution of higher education in North America. varies