Juris Doctor/Master of Health Administration

Canada’s only combined MHA and law degree program

The Juris Doctor/Master of Health Administration program offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain both a law degree and a health administration degree. Delving into the legal complexities of Canadian health care from both perspectives will hone your skills and open doors.

Through four years of intensive and rewarding study, you will complete requirements for both degrees—and emerge as our future lawyers and health executives, armed with valuable and much-needed expertise.

Graduates of the JD/MHA program have successful careers in the private practice, in public- and private-sector policy development, as general counsel for health facilities, and as executive leaders in health organizations.

At Dalhousie, you can complete both Juris Doctor and MHA degrees at the same time—the only university in Canada where this is possible.

Combined excellence

The JD/MHA program is a collaborative effort between Dalhousie’s Schulich School of Law and School of Health Administration. Health law is a major area of specialization for the law school—it even hosts the Dalhousie Health Law Institute.

Given the law school’s focus on health law, you will have access to many distinguished faculty members who are leaders in their field and passionate about health law education.

How it works

The JD/MHA program takes four years to complete. Here’s what it looks like:

Year 1: Students have the option of completing the first year of the combined JD/MHA program at either the School of Health Administration (which involves taking first-year MHA courses and then doing a 4-month MHA residency the following summer) or at the Schulich School of Law (which involves taking first-year JD courses).

Year 2: Students complete the first year of whatever program they elected not to begin with in Year 1.

Years 3 and 4: Upper-year courses in both MHA and JD programs

If you were to pursue the degrees separately, it would require five years of study.

Hear current student Emma Vossen discuss her experience of the JD/MHA:

In this short clip, Emma shares her journey.  On our YouTube channel, you will find further brief presentations about the core aspects of the MHA program. 

Follow this link to our MHA Playlist: MHA Information

You can email any questions to healthadmin@dal.ca

Admission requirements

To be accepted into the program, you need to meet the entrance requirements of both the School of Health Administration and the Schulich School of Law. Separate applications must be submitted to each school.

The JD/MHA program is open to students who have earned or are pursuing an undergraduate degree in any discipline. If you have an interest in how the law informs, shapes and structures healthcare and policy, this program is worth your consideration.

Thesis option

If you are interested in an academic or health law research career, consider the JD/MHA thesis option. Researching and writing a thesis as part of your program will help you build a unique, niche skill set.

Health law is an expanding field—position yourself to become part of the next generation of leaders.

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