Meet our Students

A selection of our 2023 Graduates


Pratik Bhawar: Click for Pratik's LinkedIn Profile

Before the MHA: Physiotherapy with specialism in neuromuscular rehabilitation, and experience with US-based digital health startup.

Residency: NSH Continuing Care with Barb Baker

Next Steps: Seeking opportunities quality and performance improvement.

CJ Blennerhassett, RM: Click for CJ's LinkedIn Profile

Before the MHA: 7 yrs as Registered Midwife, President of the Canadian Association of Midwives, clinical preceptor and Dalhousie Guest Lecturer. 

Residency: Dept Health and Wellness with Colin Stevenson.

Next Steps: as President of the Canadian Association of Midwives, continued advocacy for  equitable access to excellent sexual, reproductive, and newborn midwifery services for all.

Charlotte Cockburn: Click for Charlotte's LinkedIn Profile

Before the MHA: Nova Scotia Health: Quality Improvement

Residency: Newfoundland and Labrador Health Services with Ken Baird

Next Steps: Seeking opportunities in quality, performance and systems transformation across Canada and internationally.

Faramarz Jalili

Before the MHA: PharmD and Master of Applied Economics.

Residency: Northwood Care with Caroline Campbell.

Next Steps: A PhD in Health at Dalhousie University.

Sarah Newman: Click for Sarah's LinkedIn Profile

Before the MHA: Bachelor degree in Transnational Law and Human Rights, with Family and Personal Care experience. 

Residency: NSH One Person, One Record with Jamie Murphy

Next Steps: Seeking opportunities in Health Policy and/or Human Resources. 

Lauryn Prummel: Click for Lauryn's LinkedIn Profile

Before the MHA: BSc Biological Science w. Criminal Justice and Public Policy. Experience as Science Communicator.

Residency: NSH New Generation Redevelopment Team with Dorothy MacLeod.

Next Steps: seeking opportunites in G.T.A. in redevelopment, operations and data analytics.

Karina Robb: Click for Karina's LinkedIn Profile

Before the MHA: BSc Neuroscience. Experience in medical office administration and COVID-19 antigen testing.

Residency: IWK Medicine, Quality and Safety with Doug Sinclair.

Next Steps: seeking opportunites in policy, quality and implementation science, with an emphasis on healthcare innovation.

Vinayak Thapar: Click for Vinayak's LinkedIn Profile

Before the MHA: Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Certified Associate in Project Management, and wide-ranging experience in medical claims analysis, digital transformation and AI. 

Residency: EY Technology and Digital Transformation (National Healthcare Practice Team) with David Lanteigne.

Next Steps: Joining EY as a Senior Consultant, with a focus on leveraging AI  to drive transformative advances in healthcare.