MHA Thesis Option

Fast-track your research skills

The MHA thesis option is a powerful opportunity to work with School of Health Administration faculty to develop research skills and build a publication record. It’s particularly suited for students who intend to pursue a PhD or work in research-related positions after completing a CAHME accredited MHA.

You need to be approved to undertake the thesis option, Applications to the Thesis Stream is via an expression of interest (EOI) (form).  Early in the Fall term of a MHA’s first year, available topics/projects will be provided to students for review.  The topics/projects offered will depend on faculty availability and expertise and will vary each year.  In the application process, students will be required to indicate and rank their interest in the available projects.


Student research topics must relate to the interests of full-time faculty members within the School of Health Administration—so successful applicants must be interested in a faculty member’s ongoing research. Contact to find out more about available supervisors.

You must also have a well-developed rationale—relating to career goals, interest in publications, and future research plans—for pursuing the thesis option rather than the MHA coursework program.

The thesis option is an excellent opportunity for the right student, but it is by no means an easier route. Generally, thesis option students graduate later than their coursework counterparts.

Focused research and writing

The thesis option will link you directly with an existing research team, fast-tracking your research skills development and productivity. You can opt out of the thesis option and complete the regular MHA course of study at any time.

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MHA Thesis Option Handbook 2022-2023 - [PDF - 2Mb]

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