Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship

Opportunities at Dalhousie related to important natural resource and environmental topic areas

MES student research engages many of the priority areas identified by the Government of Nova Scotia for their Graduate Scholarship program: ocean-related science and technology, natural resource sectors, life sciences, business sustainability, social innovation and clean technology including renewable energy systems.

Scholarship details

  • Masters-level value: $10,000 per year; renewable for a second year
  • Students do not need to be from Nova Scotia, or even Canada.

How to apply

Eligible students are nominated by their home department after having been accepted into a program of study, so if you are interested in this opportunity, apply to the MES program early - before February 10. You cannot apply to this program independently.

If you are interested in undertaking research that falls within any of the above-noted broad priority areas, and have a strong academic record (above 3.7 GPA in your last two years), please contact specific Faculty members in SRES and/or our Academic Program Coordinator, Professor Kate Sherren (, to discuss your research interests and the NS Graduate Scholarship program.

More information and application forms