MES Thesis Research Award

The MES Research Award is designed to enhance opportunities for productive and innovative thesis research. Funding for this award is dependent upon donations received from alumni and others. The number of awards available will vary from year to year based upon availability of funds and the quality of applications.


Up to $500 maximum. Smaller requests will be considered.


Students must be registered in the MES graduate program at the time of application and must use the funding before graduation.

Evidence must be presented that the student’s supervisor is not funding the research project.


Awards will be made by the SRES Awards Committee, comprised of two core faculty members.

Terms and conditions

  • Only one award will be made per student.
  • Receipts are required for all expenses.
  • Awards will not be made for expenses already incurred.

Budget guidelines


Limited assistance may be provided for the purchase of equipment essential to the project specified in the application, if, and only if, that equipment is unavailable within the School or associated institutions (a letter to that effect from your academic advisor must accompany the application).


Permitted for purposes of consultation, field work, and library studies. Assistance will be considered for travel for field research and for consultations with subjects of research, appropriate government officials, or with specified experts with whom advance arrangements have been made. Funds also may be used to defray costs associated with conducting library research at other institutions, archives or special collections.

Living Allowance

  • Commercial accommodations, food and incidental expenses may be covered up to $60 per day for up to 10 days.
  • Personal food and incidental expenses may be covered up to $25 per day for up to 24 days.
  • Applicants are encouraged to arrange accommodations with friends.
  • Original receipts are required.

Miscellaneous expenses

  • Up to $100 may be awarded for basic disposable supplies such as telephone costs, postage, stationery, ink cartridges, and digital storage.
  • An itemized list of expected expenses is required.  
  • Funding for greater amounts will be considered if these costs are required for supplies needed to produce and mail survey instruments or for other similar purposes.
  • Consult your supervisor for assistance in preparing the budget.

For more information on budget guidelines contact Jennifer Oxenham at or 902.494.1375.

How to apply

Submit to:

SRES Awards Committee
Kenneth C. Rowe Management Building
6100 University Ave. Suite 5010, B3H 3J5 

Application materials

  • Application form 
  • Copies of other proposals submitted for funding, if applicable.

You are not required to use the application form as long as all requested information is included.