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Learning through teaching

Bachelor of Dental Hygiene student Zahrah Adam gets teaching practice by guiding students in Dal's Diploma in Dental Hygiene program.


Practice makes perfect

Clinic instructor Heather Doucette guides a dental hygiene student through a patient consultation.


From typodonts to real patients

Second-year Diploma in Dental Hygiene student Kathleen Esposito appreciates the program's emphasis on the clinical experience.


Classrooms and clinics

Even in the first year of Dal's Diploma in Dental Hygiene program, students learn in lectures and get hands-on practice in clinics.


Program snapshot

Top 7 reasons to study Dental Hygiene at Dal:

  1. Included in your tuition fees is a laptop, with all the materials you need for your program—including a library of over 70 preinstalled e-textbooks and pharmaceutical databases.
  2. The program’s emphasis on technology gives you have hands-on experience with the latest materials, procedures, and applications—including electronic patient records.
  3. Completing Dal’s Diploma in Dental Hygiene (DDH) program means you’ll have the prerequisites you need to apply to our Bachelor of Dental Hygiene (BDH) program—the first of its kind in Canada.
  4. You’ll be part of the Faculty of Dentistry “family” and have many opportunities to participate in social events, from informal pub nights, to the end-of-the-year Dentistry Ball.
  5. The Faculty’s long-standing focus on community work means you can participate in dental clinic outreach opportunities—locally, across Canada, and abroad.
  6. Classes on mindfulness techniques help you improve your concentration and awareness—now, as a student, and in your future career.
  7. If you’re coming from the Atlantic region, your application will be given first priority for a place in the DDH program.

What will I learn?


In the Diploma in Dental Hygiene program, classes combine theory with hands-on practice. You'll learn about patient care, prosthodontics, and oral microbiology. In the Bachelor of Dental Hygiene program, you’ll expand your competencies through teaching and research.

What can I do?

Olu Brown

With a DDH, you’ll be eligible for a licence to practice as a dental hygienist in Canada, the US, and Australia. You could also continue your studies in Dal's one-year Bachelor of Dental Hygiene program. Or you might decide to open your own mobile dental hygiene clinic, like Olu Brown did.