Dalhousie Substance Use and Addictions Lab would like to acknowledge the contributions of the dedicated volunteers that devote their time and effort to our research.



Wes Jones

Program: Neuroscience


Year of study: 2nd


Why are you interested in the lab? I’m interested in the effects of substance use on humans from both a psychological and neuroscience perspective. I’m especially curious about motivation and the mechanisms through which these substances produce their psychoactive effects. I hope research in this field can continue to mitigate the harmful effect of substance abuse and also expand on the therapeutic potential of other substances.


Personal interests/future goals: I am looking forward to joining the honours program during my fourth year of study where I can continue gaining research experience. After completing my BSc, I’m hoping to pursue a career in medicine with a subspecialty in neurology. Outside of school I love to play piano and guitar.





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