Lab Alumni


Previous Honors Thesis Students


Amelie Tanner (2022-23)

Kayley Dockrill (2022-23)

Enrique Riveroll (2022-23)

Charlotte Caswell (2022-23)

Valeriya Burdeyny (2021-22)

Radostina Zhekova (2021-22)

Jane Girgulis (2020-21)

Jeremy Bartholomeusz (2020-21)

Sarah Harrison (2020-21)

Julia Naugler (2019-20)

Foroozan Keshavarzi (2019-20)

Leah Monson (2019-20)

Brad Gillis (2019-20)

Bess Pearson (2019-20)

Madison Presunka (2019-20)

Grace Adegunju (2018-19)

Anouk van Houdt

Adam Enders (2017-18)

Robin Perry

Ekaterina Reymarova

Sebastian Copp

Elizabeth Creene

Jelisa Bradley

Regan King

Anastasija Jemcov

Alex Morzycki

Ari Franklin

Karen Hecimovic

Joel Sardinha (2011-2012)

Lacey Peters (2010-2011)

BSc, Psychology, First Class Honours – “Assessing the Reliability and Validity of the Substance Use Risk Profile Scale in Individuals Receiving Treatment for Substance Use."

Tracy Monaghan (2009-2010)

BSc, Psychology and History Double Major, Honours Conversion – “Differing Personalities, Psychopathologies, Substance Uses, and Gambling Behaviours of Online, Offline and Non-Poker Playing Young Adults."

Mallory Campbell (2009-2010)

BSc, Psychology, First Class Honours – “Behavioural and Subjective Responses to Nicotine-containing and Denicotinized Cigarettes Following Alcohol Consumption in Occasional Smokers"

Lindsay Peters (2008-2009)

BSc, Psychology, Honours - “Individual Differences in Smoking Cessation Outcomes of Treatment Resistant Smokers”

Steve Price (2007-2008)

BSc, Psychology, First Class Honours – “Energy drink co-administration is associated with increased reported alcohol ingestion”

Jessica Meisner (2007-2008)

BSc, Psychology, First Class Honours – “The Social Contexts of Non-prescribed Stimulant Use”

Kirsten Temporale (2007-2008)

BSc, Psychology, First Class Honours – “Expectancy and Pharmacology Influence the Subjective and Reinforcing Effects of Nicotine"

Lyndsay Bozec (2007-2008)

BSc, Psychology, First Class Honours – “Patterns and Predictors of Occasional Tobacco Users”

Adrienne Girling (2005-2006)

BA, Psychology, First Class Honours - "Heart Rate Increase to Alcohol Administration and Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) Play in Enhancement Gamblers".

Previous Independent Project Students

4000 Level

Parisa Asadnejad (2012)

Tracy Monaghan (2009)
BSc, Psychology and History Double Major, Honours Conversion - "The Role of Expectancy and Pharmacology on Smokers’ Responses to the Nicotine Content of Inhalers."

Mallory Campbell (2009)
BSc, Psychology, First Class Honours – "Factors Influencing Initiation and Escalation of Drug Use"

3000 Level

Frank Van Staden (2022-23)

Alfie Ai (2022-23)

Amelie Tanner (2021-22)

Kayley Dockrill (2021-22)

Julia Naugler (2018-19)

Shauna Bulman (2018-19)

Caine Meyers (2017)

Youssef Abdul Ameir (2017)

Caroline Aquano (2016)
BSc, Neuroscience - "Image perception in daily and occasional smokers"

Zoe Dworsky-Fried (2016)
BSc, Neuroscience - "Subjective and neural responses to acute nicotine replacement therapy administration in male and female smokers at varying stages of cigarette dependence."

David Kerr (2016)
BSc, Neuroscience - "Using 'Smart' Technology to Aid in Cigarette Smoking Cessation: Examining an Innovative Way to Monitor and Improve Quit Attempt Outcomes"

Anders Dorbeck (2011)
BSc, Psychology and Bioethics - "The Effects of Nicotine on Gambling Cue Reactivity in High-Risk Gamblers"

Erin Wagner (2011)
BA, Psychology - "The Effects of Alcohol on Smoking Cue Reactivity"

Mark Lobban (2011)
BSc, Psychology - "Personality Dimensions Contributing to Potential Motives and Patterns of Cannabis Use."

Lacey Peters (2009 - 2010)
BSc Psychology - "Motivational Risk Factors for Relapse to Substance Use"

Tracy Monaghan (2009)
BSc, Psychology and History Double Major, Honours Conversion – “Patterns and predictors of anxiolytic and sedative diversion in currently prescribed adults."

Mallory Campbell (2008 – 2009)
BSc, Psychology, First Class Honours – "The Effects of Tobacco and Nicotine on Cigarette Craving and Self-administration in Psychotic and Non-psychotic Smokers"

Evan Schmid (2008 – 2009)
BSc, Neuroscience – “The effects of acute doses of nicotine on the reinforcement of Video Lottery Terminal gambling in smokers”

Brittany MacGillivray (2007 – 2008)
BSc, Psychology – “Personality and Differences in Tobacco Use between Early Psychosis Patients and Controls”