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MAP announces the Sustainable Oceans 2014 Conference: Transforming a Sea of Knowledge into Effective Management

Posted by Sobey Fund for Oceans on March 7, 2014 in News

Society has an extensive supply of information available from a diversity of disciplines about marine issues. Scientific knowledge, local knowledge, indigenous knowledge and personal experiences are some of the approaches used to understand the marine environment and our interactions with it. Incorporating these knowledge systems into effective management and policy for sustainable oceans is an ongoing challenge.

This student-led conference aims to address the challenges with knowledge integration in marine policy and management. By identifying issues across sectors and through various knowledge sources, we can determine more effective strategies for sustainable ocean management in Canada.

The following four themes will be explored:

1) Sustainability & Knowledge Systems
2) Marine Governance, Policy & Law

3) Communication Between/Among Stakeholders & Policy Makers
4) Addressing Uncertainty in the Marine Environment

The conference will include a documentary screening (Seeking Netukulimk), panel discussion, oral presentations, and poster presentations. The conference is currently open for abstract submissions (see for details).

For details on the conference, see:


The Sustainable Oceans conference is made possible by the Sobey Fund for Oceans

- a unique partnership between Dalhousie University's Marine Affairs Program and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)