Presentations for June 17


Oral presentations




Poster presentations


  1. A system of contrasts employed by an adult unilateral CI recipient with CHARGE syndrome
    Kuecker, Oxley
  2. Effects of an intervention focusing on gender acquisition in bilingual childrren with SLI
  3. Gesture production in Broca’s and Wernicke’s aphasias
    Gordon-Pershey, Livits
  4. “Like a Bird in a Cage”: Construction and negotiation of identity in institutionalized IWA
    Hartwell, Damico, Roussel, Archer
  5. The effect of semantic memory impairment on the speech of svPPA patients: A discourse-level analysis
    Seixas Lima, Graham, Leonard, Levine, Rochon, Tang-Wai
  6. Word frequency effects on the accuracy of children with cochlear implants and normally hearing peers
  7. Revisions to the ExtIPA and the VoQS symbol sets
    Ball, Howard, Esling, Dickson
  8. Preceding vowel duration as an indicator of the origin of aphasic substitution errors: a case study
    Marczyk, Baqué
  9. Pronunciation training of mandarinspeaking learners of English
  10. Aspects of phonological acquisition in Sidaamu Afoo
  11. The morphological awareness and specific word reading strategies of unexpected poor comprehenders
    MacKay, Levesque, Deacon
  12. Analogical reasoning in children with specific language impairment
    Krzemien, Jemel, Maillart
  13. A new mediatised measure of phonological awareness in French
    Cormier, Léger, Cormier, Daigle
  14. The France-Belgium-Canada SSD Project
    Meloni, Vilain, Loevenbruck, Maillart, MacLeod
  15. The relationship between verbal working memory and discourse comprehension in older adults
    Fitzpatrick, Ingles, Eskes
  16. Critical factors for speech naturalness in Swedish-speaking people with Parkinson’s disease: A correlational study between listener judgement and acoustic analysis
    Isaksson, Larsson, Ball
  17. No presenter
  18. Typical development of speech motor skills in children preschool to early school years
    Rex, Hansson, McAllister
  19. Construction and validation of a new reading passage for assessment of speech and speech breathing
    Schalling, Johansson
  20. Speech characteristic of Frenchspeaking children with dysarthria
    MacLeod, Maillart, Ancelle, Hetrick, Moya-Galé, Levy
  21. The developmental trajectory of different types of presupposition: An experimental study
    Cheung, Hwang, Chui, Leung
  22. No presenter
  23. Infants’ use of asynchronous auditory and visual information in the categorization of speech sounds
    Danielson, Tam, Kandhadai, Werker
  24. A comparison between three commonly used methods for pitch extraction in speech
  25. Sensitivity to the amount of aspiration noise for the perception of breathiness
    Labuschagne, Ciocca