Presentations for June 16


Oral presentations




Poster presentations


  1. Processing of Syntactic Prosody following Left versus Right Hemisphere Lesions: A Tale of Two Cases
  2. The Establishment of DisorderedSpeechBank: A digital archive of disordered speech across languages
  3. Intonation in Individuals with Normal Hearing and Cochlear Implant Users
  4. Development of Visual Speech Perception in Chinese-Speaking Children
  5. Parameter setting in the acquisition of consonant clusters by phonologically delayed children
  6. Comprehension of figurative language: An experimental study
  7. Do dyslexics have general or specific difficulties with phonemes?
  8. Determining the degree to which a period ofhearing aid (HA) use facilitates language development in children who receive their first cochlear implant (CI) before approximately 4½ years of age
  9. Native and Non-native Vowel Discrimination in Dutch Learning Infants
  10. Brain and behavioural characteristics of acquired neurogenic stuttering in adults
  11. Manifestation and Perceptions of Stuttering in Spanish-English Bilinguals
  12. Analysis of communicative behaviors of sibling dyads Composed of a child with autism and a typically developing Sibling
  13. Acoustic characterization of coarticulation in stop-vowel sequences by French speaking adults vs. children: a preliminary study
  14. Beyond stuttering: Speech disfluencies in normally fluent, French-speaking children at age four
  15. An investigation on the Syntactic Ability of Cantonese-speaking Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  16. Violating the formational properties of American Sign Language to create phonotactically illegal pseudosigns
  17. A clinical application of Systemic Functional Linguistics: The case of bilingual stuttering
  18. Oral motor function, chewing efficacy and articulation in children with Speech Sound Disorders (SSD)
  19. Applying the principle of conversational analysis to the intervention in children with high-functioning autism spectrum disorders
  20. Phonological versus Motor Planning Deficits in Children with Severe Speech Sound Disorders
  21. When readers encounter multisyllabic written words, their processing of lexical stress is affected by the spelling patterns of the words’ endings
  22. Voicing contrast of sibilants in Turkish: Implications for velopharyngeal dysfunction
  23. An ultrasonographic and acoustic investigation of consonant cluster reduction in children with atypical phonological development
  24. Cantonese Consonant Perception in Quiet and in Noise in Young and Old adults
  25. Voiceless alveolar stop coarticulation in typically developing 5-year-olds and 13-year-olds