Registration & Workshops

Registration is now open. Please see the Registration fees and schedules listed below (fees are expressed in Canadian Dollars-CAD):

Early Conference Registration $430 CAD $320 CAD Until May 2, 2016
Regular Conference Registration $540 CAD $400 CAD After May 2, 2016
One-Day Registration $150 CAD $150 CAD  

Conference Registration includes attendance at all conference papers and presentations June 15-18 including lunches, coffee breaks, welcoming reception, and conference banquet.

*Students must provide proof of status when registering at the conference.



The 16th ICPLA conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada ( will include preconference tutorials on Tuesday June 14, 2016. The aim of the tutorials is to give participants the opportunity to familiarize themselves with particular methodological developments in the field and/or to gain more advanced insights.

Each tutorial will offer both introductory and more advanced sessions, to take place during the morning and afternoon, respectively.

CHILDES tutorials (Brian MacWhinney)

  Morning: Introduction to CLAN and the CHILDES database
    - Installing CLAN
    - Downloading materials from the web
    - Transcription and linkage
    - Running basic analysis program
  Afternoon: Advanced CLAN tutorial
    - Morphosyntactic analysis with MOR
    - Grammatical analysis with GRASP
    - IPSyn, DSS, VocD, and MATTR
    - Batch analysis with EVAL and KIDEVAL
    - Linkage to Phon and Praat

PhonBank tutorials (Yvan Rose)

  Morning: Introduction to Phon
    - General overview and basic workflow
    - Media linkage and segmentation
    - Orthographic and phonetic transcription
    - Basic queries and assessments
  Afternoon: Advanced Phon functions
    - TextGrid generation
    - Acoustic measurement
    - Advanced queries and assessments
    - Inter-relations between Phon and CLAN

The tutorials will be open for registration together with the registration of the conference on February 1, 2016.  Registration for individual tutorials is compulsory, and on-site registration will not be possible. The fee for attending a tutorial is $30 CAD (non-refundable) or $50 CAD, if you register for both workshops.

For more information, contact  If you would like to receive updates on the ICPLA conference or pre-conference workshops, send a message with the subject “Subscribe” to