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IC3RG Announces Two New Publications

Posted by Adele Mansour on July 15, 2019 in News

The IC3RG has two new publications available!

A new article from Eva Mansson Lexell, Lena Haglund and IC3RG member Tanya Packer, titled, ‘The “Managing Fatigue” program for people with multiple sclerosis – acceptance and feasibility with Swedish occupational therapists’ can be found in the Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy. This article aims to translate and investigate the feasibility of a Swedish version of the ‘Managing Fatigue Program’ (MFP) delivered by OTs working with an MS population in Sweden. The MFP attests to being feasible and consistent with the occupational therapist’s scope of practice in Sweden.

Another new publication that included IC3RG group members Tanya Packer, Åsa Audulv, Grace Warner, and Kaitlin Sibbald, is also now available! The article, titled, ‘A systematic review examining whether community-based self-management programs for older adults with chronic conditions actively engage participants and teach them patient-oriented self-management strategies’ can be found in the journal Patient Education and Counselling. In this article, IC3RG members examine whether community-based Self-Management Programs (SMPs) actively engaged, or taught, individuals patient-oriented strategies; and whether having these attributes led to significant differences in outcomes. The article suggests that while SMPS actively engage participants, they are not supporting older adults to practice strategies which address the impact of their conditions on everyday life, addressing the needs of older adults with multiple conditions, nor assessing outcomes that align with the strategies taught. Therefore, health-care providers delivering SMPs to older adults need to adapt programs to meet the needs of individuals and evaluate whether participants are using the strategies proposed.