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November 5, 2019

Posted by Communications and Marketing on November 5, 2019

Below you will find suggested Dalhousie University experts who can speak to current topics of regional, provincial, national and international interest for Tuesday, November 5, 2019.

Elizabeth May steps down as Green Party leader
Yesterday’s announcement that Elizabeth May has stepped down as Federal Green Party Leader came as a shock to many. Dr. Lori Turnbull is available to discuss May’s accomplishments and the legacy she has left behind. Turnbull can also provide comment on what this change could mean for the Green Party going forward.

Dalhousie Expert: Lori Turnbull, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science.
Research Specialties: Canadian parliamentary governance, political ethics, elections, electoral systems, and public engagement.
Contact: lturnbul@dal.ca and 902-494-6605

Impacts of ocean acidification
Scientists are warning that spikes in ocean acidification combined with other environmental changes could have severe impacts on the planet. Dr. Bernard Boudreau is available to speak to what ocean acidification is, its causes and the impact it’s having on the planet.

Dalhousie Expert: Dr. Bernard Boudreau, Killam Professor Emeritus, Department of Oceanography
Research Specialties: Geochemistry and geochronology, chemical oceanography and marine geology
Contact: bernie.boudreau@dal.ca or 902-494-8895

Rotavirus vaccine
It was announced late last week that the rotavirus vaccine has been added to Nova Scotia’s publicly funded childhood immunization program. Dr. Joanne Langley is available to discuss the vaccine and why it’s an important addition to the immunization program.

Dalhousie Expert: Dr. Joanne Langley, MD, Division Head Infectious Diseases, Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Department of Community Health and Epidemiology
Research Specialties: Vaccines, vaccine preventable infectious diseases, child health, infections in children, evidence-based immunization policy, and respiratory infections and communicable disease control
Contact: joanne.langley@dal.ca
Please note: Available between 2:00pm and 4:00pm AST