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July 25, 2019

Posted by Communications and Marketing on July 25, 2019

Invasive garden pest that wreaks havoc on lilies showing up in the Maritimes -
Researchers at Dalhousie University’s Agricultural campus are tracking the daylily gall midge, an invasive pest that is turning up all across the Maritimes. The insect feeds on the buds of daylilies, impacting the buds’ ability to fully form and often becoming deformed. Dr. Paul Manning and his colleagues are working on ways to better understand it's distribution and confirm its identity by using molecular tools.

Dr. Manning is happy to provide further comment on the daylily gall midge, his teams research and what this could mean for gardeners and lily enthusiasts in the Maritimes.

Dalhousie Expert: Dr. Paul Manning, Department of Plant, Food, and Environmental Sciences
Research Interests: Climate change, biodiversity loss, and the human-nature disconnect
Contact: paul.manning@dal.ca