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July 5, 2019

Posted by Communications and Marketing on July 5, 2019

Dr. Michael Ungar is available to speak on why taking away your child’s devices and providing them with unstructured outdoor time will help them develop life skills including resiliency.

Put your kids outside this summer and let them be bored - Dr. Michael Ungar recently published an article in Psychology Today discussing the need for children (and adults) to get outside, get dirty and engage in unstructured activities. It may be the best way for children to develop lifelong skills including resiliency.

Dalhousie Expert: Dr. Michael Ungar, Professor, Dalhousie University School of Social Work
Research Specialties: Mixed methods, resilience, child and adolescent mental health, family therapy, ecological social work, program evaluation, cross-cultural diversity research, delinquency, child development and social constructionism
Contact: michael.ungar@dal.ca and 902.229.0434