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Dec. 17, 2018

Posted by Darcy MacRae on December 17, 2018 in News

Please find below suggested Dalhousie University experts on current topics of regional, provincial, national and international interest for Monday, Dec. 17, 2018

Experts want all medical implants in Canada to be registered
Dalhousie Expert: 
Matthew Herder, Director, Health Law Institute; Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine; cross-appointed in Law. 
Research Specialties: Health law and policy, law and technology, health care policy, health care regulation.
Contact: matthew.herder@dal.ca and 902-494-2567.

Patients at faith-based hospitals face difficulty accessing assisted dying
Dalhousie Expert: 
Dr. Jocelyn Downie, James S. Palmer Chair in Public Policy and Law; Professor of Law. 
Research Specialties: Public policy and law, health law, health care ethics, health policy, end-of-life law. 
Contact: jocelyn.downie@dal.ca and 902-494-6883.

Frequency of food recalls across North America worrisome to consumers 
Dalhousie Expert: 
Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, Professor, Rowe School of Business.
Research Specialties: Food distribution, food policy, food safety, food security, traceability.
Contact: sylvain.charlebois@dal.ca and 902-222-4142.

Canada’s top immunology award goes to Dalhousie researcher 
Dalhousie Expert: 
Dr. Jean Marshall, Professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology.
Research Specialties: Breast cancer, immunology, inflammation, mast cell biology, allergy, chronic inflammatory disease, innate immunity, cancer biology.
Contact: jean.marshall@dal.ca and 902-494-5118/902-494-3630.