Why Integrated Science?

Do you have a love for science?

If you love science then Dalhousie's Integrated Science Program is for you. This highly-focused first-year program gives you a well-rounded understanding of a wide variety of science disciplines and how they are linked together. Integrated Science at Dalhouise is the only program in Canada where you study Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Math, Physics, Psychology and Statistics as a first-year BSc student.

You'll be part of a small group of keen science students who will develop transferrable skills while enjoying a wide range of field trips and activities throughout the year.

Benefits of the program

Integrated Science students are prepared for a wider range of undergraduate science programs. Students study a broader range of science disciplines than is possible by taking regular BSc classes. Students finish their first year with more first-year pre-requisites than regular BSc students, and thus have more options for second year.

Integrated Science students will receive more hands-on practice and learn more transferrable skills. In addition to lectures and readings, students learn through a variety of laboratory activities, field trips, problem sets, computer exercises, library sessions, research projects, oral presentations, and various types of formal written papers.

While challenging students, the program eases their transition from high school to university. Class size is small (maximum 80 students). An extensive support network includes the members of work and research teams, Dal research supervisors, and Integrated Science professors.

The opportunity to become a part of Dalhousie’s scientific community and conduct research in a student’s first year of university is a large and unique benefit.

Preparation for later years

Emphasis on scientific research methods and communication skills, along with a broad introduction to the sciences, makes Integrated Science an excellent foundation for an Honours degree, a combined Honours degree, a Major degree or Double Major degree in science.

Integrated Science is an ideal way to prepare for interdisciplinary fields, like environmental science, ocean sciences, and neuroscience.

This program is also a good choice for students interested in many sciences but who are unsure about choosing a major. It also provides a broader background in science that is especially useful in careers such as science journalism, teaching, law and biomedical ethics.