Barry Lesser

Professor Emeritus/ China Program Director


Email: Barry.Lesser@Dal.Ca
Phone: 902-494-1682
Mailing Address: 
Department of Economics
Dalhousie University
6214 University Avenue
PO Box 15000
Halifax, NS B3H 4R2

Current research:

Academic research and experience:

  • Lecturer, UNBSJ, 1972-73
  • Assistant Professor of Economics, Dalhousie, 1973-79
  • Associate Professor of Economics, Dalhousie, 1979-93
  • Professor of Economics, Dalhousie, 1993-present
  • Research Director, IRPP, 1982-88


  • Baltic Economic Management Training Project (CIDA: Europe Branch, $4.5 million over 6 years)
  • Canada-Ukraine Baltic Economic Management Training Project (CIDA: Europe Branch, $3 million over 4 years)

Graduate Students (7/01-7/11):

  • Bo Hu (MDE 2011), China's Future Economic Growth Strategy: Exports and/or Domestic Demand.
  • Justin du Plessix (MDE 2011), Examining a Social Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Panama Canal Expansion Project.
  • Ashley Janes (MDE 2010), Economic Burden of the Nova Scotia Mumps Outbreak.
  • Ejibola Folashade Fajimi (MDE 2009), Can Stock Market Development Predict Economic Growth? A Case Study of the Nigerian Economy (1980-2004).
  • Mark Fakhri (MDE 2009), Community Economic Development in Atlantic Canada and the Role of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and its Partnering Agents.
  • Gayle Barnett (MDE 2008), The Impact of Social Relationships on Peasant Household Economies in Calakmul, Campeche, Mexico.
  • Thomas Bergbusch (MDE 2007), Prospects for a Keynesian Renaissance in Canada: A Comparison of Economic Policies from the Interwar and Post-Bretton Woods Eras.
  • Stephen Membe (MDE 2004) (co-supervisor), East African Co-operation: Trade Patterns and Institutional Arrangements.
  • Ibnu Widiyanto (Ph.D 2004) (co-supervisor), Essays on Growth, Productivity, and the Oil Industry in Indonesia.
  • Karen Reed (MDE 2003),Institutional Reform in Russia and Ukraine.
  • Farhan Rahman (MDE 2003) (co-supervisor),Trade Liberalization and its Implications for Poverty Alleviation: A Case-Study of India and Bangladesh.
  • Jonathan Dale (MA 2002), Canada's Equalization Program: Its Fundamental Problems, their Repercussions and Solutions.

Selected Publications

  • "Are Globalization and Community Development Alternatives or Complements? A View of the Ukrainian Case," Social Economics, 1, 2003: 84-100 (co-author).
  • "Small Sawmills in Estonia," Post-Communist Economies, 15, 1, 2003: 117-126 (co-author).
  • New Borders and Trade Flows: A Gravity Model Analysis of the Baltic States, Open Economies Review, 11:73-91, 2000.
  • Science and Technology in Higher Education in Central and Eastern Europe, (New York, Garland, 1996, (co-editor and contributor).
  • When government fails, will the market do better? The privatization/market liberalization movement in developing countries, CJDS, 12, 1, 1991.