Seminar Schedule

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Winter 2023 Biology Departmental Seminar Schedule
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WHEN: January 26 – April 6, 2023

WHERE: Departmental seminars are held every Thursday in person (unless noted otherwise) in the 5th floor lounge, Life Sciences Building, Biology Wing, Dalhousie at 11.30 Atlantic Time.

All seminars will also be streamed synchronously on Zoom to provide remote access for those who cannot attend in person. Zoom links and seminar details/summaries will be shared weekly.

For asynchronous viewing recordings are made available at our Youtube Channel

If you or your students wish to meet with a visiting external speaker please contact the respective host

Date: Title Presenter:
January 26 Eelgrass restoration and blue carbon in Nova Scotia Kristina Boerder, Dalhousie University
February 02 Mechanisms and resilience of human-dolphin cooperative fishing. NOTE: ONLINE Seminar, on Zoom only Mauricio Cantor, Orgon State University
(Host: Boris)
February 09 How do different circadian clocks govern animal behaviour? Deniz Top, Dalhousie University
February 16 Prozac is a transgenerational neuroendocrine disruptor of stress, behaviour and reproduction in a fish model: is it time to raise the warning flag for human health? Vance Trudeau, University of Ottawa
(Host: Jonathan
February 23 No Seminar (Study Break)  
March 02 How to teach an intelligent machine: creating learning incentives that invite students to innovate. Stevan Springer, University of Prince Edward Island
(Host: Debra)
March 09 Salmonids in Norway: running the gauntlet of pathogens and climate change Robert Lennox, Ocean Tracking Network at Dalhousie University
March 16 Big Brains in Small Tanks: Captive Dolphin and Whale Welfare
NOTE: ONLINE Seminar, on Zoom only
Lori Marino, New York University
(Host: Boris)
March 23 The peroxisome: the up and coming organelle in immunometabolism Francesca DiCara, Dalhousie University
March 30 The past, present, and future of fisheries stock assessment: a Canadian perspectiv David Keith, Bedford Institute of Oceanography
(Host: Boris)
April 06 TBD Jeremy Lundholm, St. Mary’s University
(Host: Heike)