Heike Lotze


Canada Research Chair in Marine Renewable Resources (2006-2016)

MSc (University of Kiel, Germany, 1994)
PhD (University of Kiel, Germany, 1998)
PostDoc Dalhousie University (1999-2003)
PostDoc Alfred-Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Sylt, Germany (2003-2005)

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  • Teaching & Research

    marine ecology, renewable resources, coastal ecosystems, human impacts, ecological history, future projections, community ecology, ecosystem structure and functioning, management and conservation

    y research and teaching in marine ecology is shaped by a strong interest in human impacts on marine species and ecosystems and their consequences for the ocean and society today, in the past and into the future. Human activities such as fishing and hunting, habitat transformation, and nutrient loading have affected marine resources and shaped their ecosystems for millennia but strongly accelerated over the past 2-3 centuries. Today, climate change and other human pressures are enhancing the magnitude and range of impacts on natural ecosystems.

    Classes in which Heike currently teaches:

    The long-term history of change is often ignored in the study and management of today’s ecosystems. However, historical baselines and estimates of the total magnitude of change are essential to judge the current state of degradation and develop meaningful management and conservation goals. Past trends are also necessary to develop future projections. Human impacts not only accelerated over time but also expanded from inshore regions to the open ocean and the deep sea causing large-scale patterns of changes in diversity and community structure around the globe. Finally, human impacts multiplied throughout history and today, most species and ecosystem are affected by the cumulative effects of multiple human activities that don’t act in isolation.

    In my work, I try to reconstruct the long-term history of human-induced changes in marine species and ecosystems, to disentangle the cumulative effects of multiple human activities, and to analyze the consequences of changes on the structure and functioning of ecosystems today and into the future. I use a multi-disciplinary approach integrating data from paleontology, archaeology, history, fisheries science, ecology, and climate science, and a combination of field surveys and laboratory experiments, literature studies, ecologucal modelling and the analysis of large data sets.

    Resource Ecology, BIOL 3063 /Mari 3063. This class considers the ecology, utilization, and management of natural resources in fisheries, wildlife and forest management, agriculture and aquaculture. Topics include population dynamics, community interactions, and ecosystem support of resources as well as the history of resource utilization, practices of controlling production, pests, and predators, and sustainable management strategies.
    Term: Winter

    Pre-requisites: BIOL 2060.03, MATH 1000.03 (or STAT 1060.03 or DISP).

    Examples of Students' Research Topics


    • Andrea Bryndum-Buchholz (PhD, since 2016): Impacts of 21st century climate change on fish biomass and marine ecosystems.
    • Kristen Wilson (Masters, 2015-2017): Assessing and predicting distribution shifts of canopy-forming marine macrophytes in the Northwest Atlantic with remote sensing and species distribution models
    • Nakia Cullain (Masters, 2014-2016): Macroinfaunal communities in seagrass beds in Atlantic Canada.
    • James Scott McCain (Masters, 2014-2016): Historical analysis of fish in coastal ecosystems
    • Reba McIver (Masters, 2012-2015): Quantifying nitrogen loading and corresponding eutrophication symptoms in 7 bays in Eastern New Brunswick, Canada.
    •  Lauren Kay (Masters, 2012-2015): Canopy and community structure of rockweed beds in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.
    • Allison Schmidt (PhD, 2006-2012): Causes and consequences of ecological changes in near-shore habitats.
    •  Anna Magera (Masters, 2008-2011): Recovery trajectories for marine mammals – developing new models and identifying critical factors to recovery.
    • Sean Anderson (Masters, 2007-2010): Patterns and ecosystem impacts of global invertebrate fisheries expansion.
    • Christine Ward-Paige (PhD, 2005-2010): ‘Using divers' logs to detect changes in coastal shark populations.
    • Francesco Ferretti (PhD, 2004-2011): The role of sharks in marine ecosystems: evaluating overexploited marine fish communities to detect long-term effects of predator removal.


    Selected Publications

    Milewski I, Loucks RH, Fisher B, Smith RE, McCain JSP, Lotze HK (2018) Sea-cage aquaculture impacts market and berried lobster (Homarus americanus) catches. Marine Ecology Progress Series 598: 85-97. https://doi.org/10.3354/meps12623.

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    Lotze HK, Guest H, O’Leary J, Tuda A, Wallace D (2018) Public perceptions of marine threats and protection from around the world. Ocean & Coastal Management 152: 14-22. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ocecoaman.2017.11.004.

    Cullain N, McIver R, Schmidt AL, Lotze HK (2018) Spatial variation of macroinfaunal communities associated with Zostera marina beds across three biogeographic regions in Atlantic Canada. Estuaries and Coasts, 41(5): 1381-1396. https://doi.org/10.1007/s12237-017-0354-7.

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